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Watergrove Tenants and Owner-Occupiers, December 1929
This data is extracted from Rochdale Corporation’s Notice to Owners, Lessees and Occupiers of Watergrove,
of the Corporation’s intentions to compulsory purchase for the purpose of building a reservoir.
Description Occupier
2nd name
1st name
Property name Residence
1929_019House, farm buildings and yardWilliamsThomas EdwardLower DobbinOwner Occupier
1929_026CottageWrightWalterBowers Row 11, WardleOwner Occupier
1929_035CottageWrigleyHaroldBowers Row 3, WardleTenancy
1929_040Church, outbuildings and yardCryerGeorge Edmund SecretaryUnited Methodist ChurchOwner Occupier
1929_048Cottage, outbuilding and yardWilsonWilliamRamsden Road 467 WardleTenancy
1929_052CottageWoollettMargaretRamsden Road Back 451 WardleTenancy
1929_059CottageWestwoodEvelynRamsden Road 451Tenancy
1929_062CottageWoodMary AgnesRamsden Road 449Tenancy
1929_064CottageWoodHerbertBowers Row 1Tenancy
1929_081House, farm buildings outbuildings, footpath and yardWoodGeorge FrederickAlderbank farm WardleOwner Occupier
1929_089Cottage, outbuilding and gardenWalkerAlfredLittletown Cottage 4Tenancy
1929_091House, farm buildings and yardCrossleyJacksonLittletown FarmTenancy
1929_104House, farm buildings and yardDriscollHarryHeys FarmTenancy
1929_117House, farm buildings, yard, occupation road and footpathSunderlandJohnLee FarmTenancy
1929_135Wooden shopWilsonAnnieWooden Bungalow, Ramsden RoadTenancy
1929_138Cottage, outbuilding and yardGraysonEstherRamsden Road 463Tenancy
1929_141Cottage, outbuilding and yardLynchFrankRamsden Road 465 WardleTenancy
1929_158House, farm buildings, yard and footpathJonesArthur RobertLower HadesTenancy
1929_162House, farm buildings, yard, occupation road and footpathsDavenportJames EdwardHades FarmTenancy
1929_200House, farm buildings, yard, road and footpathLiveseyFrankHigher CrookTenancy
1929_201House, farm buildings, yard, road and footpathKilpatrickFrederickCrookTenancy
1929_209House, farm buildings, yard, road and footpathCloughJames Wilfrid, Charles EdwardRoads FarmOwner Occupier
1929_244Cottage yard and footpathGreenWilliamMarld Earth Further 2Tenancy
1929_252House, farm buildings, yard and footpathBarkerTomHey BarnTenancy
1929_277CottageTaylorDanielBowers Row 9Owner Occupier
1929_278CottageTaylorFrancesRamsden Road Back 2, WardleTenancy
1929_292HouseTownsendWilliamThimble Hall WardleTenancy
1929_298House, farm buildings and yardTophamHenryHigh WardleTenancy
1929_300House, farm buildings and yard, occupation road and footpath.TophamHenryHigh WardleTenancy
1929_325Cottage outbuildings and gardenSteeleJohnLittletown FarmTenancy
1929_327Public house, outbuildings and yardStottJohnWatergroveTenancy
1929_328CottageSwindellsGeorgeRamsden Road 449 BackTenancy
1929_329Cottage, outbuilding and gardenSchofieldHaroldLittletown Cottage 2Tenancy
1929_337House, farm buildings and yard and footpathStorkHughAlderbankOwner Occupier
1929_343House, farm buildings and yardStottFredMiddle Hill FarmOwner Occupier
1929_346House, farm buildings and yardMarshWilliamMeadow NookTenancy
1929_351House, farm buildings garden and yardBrownJohnSteward BarnTenancy
1929_353Cottage and out buildingHalsteadJohnRamsden Road 459Tenancy
1929_354Cottage and out buildingHerneAlfredRamsden Road 461Tenancy
1929_355CottageRiggWilliamRamsden Road 337Tenancy
1929_359House and farm buildingsRobinsonFrankScotch Cote WardleTenancy
1929_360House farm buildings and roadKenyonElizabeth EllenHey FarmTenancy
1929_361HouseRichardsonWilliam AndersonHigher SlackTenancy
1929_365CottagePriceThomasRamsden Road Back 4Tenancy
1929_373House and farm buildingsCloughJames Wilfrid and Charles EdwardBroad IngOwner Occupier
1929_376Cottage outbuildings and gardensMasonSarah ElizabethMarld Earth Further 6Owner Occupier
1929_381House, farm buildings, garden, road and yardMillsDorothy AliceLower HouseOwner Occupier
1929_386CottageLordMichaelRamsden Road 469 WardleTenancy
1929_389Cottage and outbuildingsLundJamesOrchard Inn BackTenancy
1929_397House and gardenHindleyJamesHigher HadesTenancy
1929_403House, farm buildings and yardKendrewRobertHades Hill EndTenancy
1929_424House, farm buildings and yardHowarthJonathanLower SlackTenancy
1929_434House farm buildings, outbuildings and yardJacksonAbrahamWatergrove FarmTenancy
1929_447House, farm buildings and yardJonesCharles HenryMarld Earth FarmTenancy
1929_448HouseJacksonJames HenryTrap FarmTenancy
1929_454CottageHuntingtonJohnMarld Earth Further 4Tenancy
1929_455CottageHillSarah JaneRamsden Road 471 WardleOwner Occupier
1929_458Cottage, garden and yardElvidgeRichardRamsden Road 339Tenancy
1929_460Cottage and outbuildingByrneJamesOrchard Inn Back Watergrove WardleTenancy
1929_468House, farm buildings and yardHamerHarry and AmmonBank HeyOwner Occupier
1929_474House and farm buildingsCollinsAlbertCrey PastureTenancy
1929_475CottageDewhirstJamesBowers Row 7Owner Occupier
1929_476CottageCrowtherThomasBowers Row 5Owner Occupier
1929_477CottageCaynerBertha MissRamsden Road 473Tenancy
1929_478HouseCrossleyBettyThimble HallTenancy
1929_482House, farm buildings, yard and occupation roadCloughJames Wilfrid and Charles EdwardGreen Roads FarmOwner Occupier
1929_489CottageCollinsAlbertRamsden Road 453 WardleTenancy
1929_494CottageBeaumontWrightBowers Row 13Owner Occupier