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1BOTTLE  WARDLEDOMESTICJAN 2002MAIN ROOMHAROLD PHILBIN Small green glass octagonal bottle found at Pemin Farm, Wardle by Harold Philbin.
2STONE  WARDLEDOMESTICJAN 2002MAIN ROOMHAROLD PHILBIN Thin smooth piece of stone worked into a pendant shape with round hole bored at the wide end. Found at Pemin Farm, Wardle. Use not known.
3GLASS OBJECT  WARDLEDOMESTICJAN 2002MAIN ROOMHAROLD PHILBIN Small moulded clear glass round object with horseshoe-like shape cut from one side and five concentric circles on the base. Found at Pemin Farm, Wardle. Use not known.
4METAL OBJECT  WARDLE JAN 2002MAIN ROOMHAROLD PHILBIN Small metal object similar to No. 3 - no marks on base but screw head embedded in cut out area. Shank of screw shaved off on base. Found at Pemin Farm, Wardle. Use not known.
6POTTERY  WARDLEDOMESTICLATE 2002MAIN ROOMMARGARET PEARSON Small stone coloured pottery round jar with vertical lines indented and an indentation round the upper lip. 50 impressed stamp mark on base. Donated by Margaret Pearson, 1 Bank Cottages, Wardle.
7PORCELAIN 1913WARDLECLUBS/ORGANISATIONSNOV 2002MAIN ROOMCOMMUNITY BUILDING Wardle Conservative Club porcelain. 3 round sandwich plates with small bow ribbon handles. Rim, inner circle of plate and bow decorated with gilt. Blue transfer banner with Society name. Base transfer Tuscan China, England.
8POTTERY  WARDLEDOMESTICLATE 2002MAIN ROOMMARGARET PEARSON Small tapered pottery round jar with dark brown glaze. Opening same size as base with small shoulder. Donated by Margaret Pearson, 1 Bank Cottages, Wardle.
10SIGN  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTLATE 2002MAIN ROOMEDWARD RIGG Rectangular tradesman's sign enclosed in plain wooden frame - EDWARD RIGG/PRACTICAL/CHIMNEY SWEEP in shadow caps of gold and blue on black background. Donated by Edward Rigg, grandson of sweep, Henry St., Wardle
11PORCELAIN 1913WARDLECLUBS/ORGANISATIONSNOV 2002MAIN ROOMCOMMUNITY BUILDING Wardle Conservative Club porcelain. Found in Community Building.
12PORCELAIN 1913WARDLECLUBS/ORGANISATIONSNOV 2002MAIN ROOMCOMMUNITY BUILDING Wardle Conservative Club porcelain. Medium size round dinner plate. Gilt rim, blue transfer banner with Society initials W.C.C. only.
13PORCELAIN 1913WARDLECLUBS/ORGANISATIONSNOV 2002MAIN ROOMCOMMUNITY BUILDING 2 teacups with gilt rims. Blue transfer banner similar to No. 12. Maker's transfer on base in black. CWS/WINDSOR CHINA - Wheatsheaf above badge.
14WASHING TONGS  WARDLEDOMESTICFEB 2003WORK ROOMMARY SILCOCK One pair of wood washing tongs joined by a single metal hinge. Given on behalf of Eric Silcock 1.5.19-4.2.03.
15BLOCKING TOOL  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTFEB 2003MAIN ROOMMARY SILCOCK Wood blocking tool with a circular handle. Use possibly plastering or brickwork. Given on behalf of Eric Silcock 1.5.19-4.2.03.
16CLIPPERS  WARDLEDOMESTICFEB 2003RESOURCE ROOMMARY SILCOCK Metal hairdressing clippers. Given on behalf of Eric Silcock 1.5.19-4.2.03.
17IRON  WARDLEDOMESTICFEB 2003RESOURCE ROOMMARY SILCOCK Prilect travelling iron in a black/red/silver box containing silver iron base. Wood handle has connecting metal bracket, includes wire running from base of iron to a light bulb holder. Given on behalf of Eric Silcock 1.5.19-4.2.03.
18PLUG  WARDLEDOMESTICFEB 2003RESOURCE ROOMMARY SILCOCK Wylex 5 amp fused plug. On base - Made in England Non Track. Given on behalf of Eric Silcock 1.5.19-4.2.03.
19LAST  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTFEB 2003MAIN ROOMMARY SILCOCK 3 headed iron cobbler's last. Given on behalf of Eric Silcock 1.5.19-4.2.03.
20MEDICINE BALL pre 1945WARDLESPORTS/LEISUREFEB 2003RESOURCE ROOMMARY SILCOCK Leather (brown) medicine ball. Use physical exercise and training. Brought back from war by Eric Silcock 1.5.19-4.2.03.
21SCALES  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTMAY 2003MAIN ROOMWARDLE NEWSAGENTS Avery shop scales. White enamel with chrome scoop and support - to weigh 1lb. Used in newsagents for sweets.
22SHOE MOULD  WARDLEDOMESTICMAY 2003RESOURCE ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Wood shoe mould 7" stamped on top near toe. Donated by Bernice Clifton, 3 Bank Barn Cottages, Wardle
23FISHING NOTICE  WARDLESPORTS/LEISUREJULY 2003RESOURCE ROOMTERRY MITCHELL Square fishing notice "Wardle Anglers. Private Fishing. Members only on the banking" in white lettering on blue painted background. Found at Tannery Lodge. Donated by Terry Mitchell, Wardle Farm.
24MAGAZINE 1953WARDLEEVENTS11 AUG 2003RESOURCE ROOMVARIOUS Souvenir magazine published by Daily Sketch for Coronation 1953. Formerly on display at Wardle Library & then sent to Arts & Heritage Centre. After returned to Wardle & District History for safekeeping. Official document in filing cabinet. T7837
25SOUP SIEVES 1890WATERGROVEDOMESTIC11 AUG 2003MAIN ROOMW. GREGSON Soup sieves - 2 detachable on 3 legs, metal. Wood and metal roller for use inside inner sieve. Donated by W. Gregson. See previous. T7836
26FLAT IRON  WARDLEDOMESTIC11 AUG 2003MAIN ROOMH. JACKSON Flat iron on own stand. No. 3 cast into area under handle. See previous. T7833
27TILLEY LAMP  WARDLEEMPLOYMENT11 AUG 2003MAIN ROOMVARIOUS Tilley lamp, metal and glass, complete with hanging handle and spirit container at base. Pale blue paint remains on metal. Wick winder missing. See previous. T7834
28SHUTTLE  WARDLEEMPLOYMENT11 AUG 2003RESOURCE ROOMVARIOUS Weaving shuttle, wood 17" long, metal pin inside, middle opening. 1457 stamped in wood. T7835. See previous.
29IDENTITY CARD   PERSONAL11 AUG 2003RESOURCE ROOMVARIOUS ID card - Mrs. Vera Alice Jones, 350 Albert Royds St. T7838. See previous.
30IDENTIFY CARD pre 1903 PERSONAL11 AUG 2003RESOURCE ROOMVARIOUS ID card - Angela Mary Jones, 350 Albert Royd St. Valid until 28.2.1903. T7839. See previous.
31RATION BOOK 1947WARDLEPERSONAL11 AUG 2003RESOURCE ROOMVARIOUS Ration book - Mrs. Emily Pilling, 94 Ramsden Rd., Wardle. Clothing book 1947-48. T7840. See previous.
32HANDBOOK 1938WARDLESPORTS/LEISURE11 AUG 2003RESOURCE ROOMVARIOUS Wardle Cricket Club official handbook. T7841. See previous.
33JAR  WATERGROVEDOMESTIC11 AUG 2003MAIN ROOMVARIOUS Small stone coloured pottery round jar (similar to No. 6). No markings on base. T7846. See previous.
34BOTTLE  WARDLEEMPLOYMENT11 AUG 2003MAIN ROOMVARIOUS Blue glass bottle with elongated neck. Vertical ridges from base to shoulder. 'Sulpholine' in glass moulding on front. Back surface has no ridges. T7847. See previous.
35BOTTLE  WARDLEHEALTH11 AUG 2003MAIN ROOMVARIOUS Clear glass bottle - ?medicine. Narrow cylinder shape, small, no markings. T7848. See previous.
36BULLETS  WATERGROVESPORTS/LEISURE11 AUG 2003MAIN ROOMVARIOUS 3 x small bullets. T7849. See previous.
37FOSSIL  WATERGROVEENVIRONMENT11 AUG 2003MAIN ROOMVARIOUS Plant fossil in 7 pieces. Giant Fern Fossil. Found by E. Clarke. T7854. See previous.
38TIN WITH LID  WARDLEDOMESTIC11 AUG 2003RESOURCE ROOMVARIOUS Rectangular tin with lid, handles at each end. 4 protuberances on base to raise from ground. Burner marks on base 2x. T7855. See previous.
39MODEL COAL CART  WARDLESPORTS/LEISURE11 AUG 2003MAIN ROOMVARIOUS Model coal cart made of wood and metal attached to china draught horse. Donated by Hector Kenyon. T7857. See previous.
40RULER  WARDLEEMPLOYMENT11 AUG 2003RESOURCE ROOMVARIOUS Wood ruler with 2 parallel bars hinged with small metal brackets. 9" long x 1 3/4" wide. T7850. See previous.
41KNUR & SPELL  WARDLESPORTS/LEISURE11 AUG 2003MAIN ROOMVARIOUS Knur and spell. Wood game consisting of 7 wood balls of graded sizes resting on top of rect. Support. Separate wood bat, rounded on 3 sides. T7858. See previous.
42FOSSILS  LITTLEBOROUGHENVIRONMENTMAY 2003MAIN ROOMRONNIE TAYLOR A collection of rock samples and fossils. Donated by Ronnie Taylor, 15 Dearden St., Littleborough, OL15 9DZ.
43HOUSEHOLD ITEMS  WARDLEDOMESTICJUL/AUG 2003MAIN ROOMTOM MILLER Various household items consisting of baking bowl, salad dish, fireside set, wooden box, wooden figures and basket.
44SAUCER  SMALLBRIDGECLUBS/ORGANISATIONSJUL/AUG 2003MAIN ROOMTOM MILLER 5 1/2" china saucer. Smallbridge Congregational Sunday School.
45SAUCER JAN 1917SMALLBRIDGECLUBS/ORGANISATIONSJUL/AUG 2003MAIN ROOMTOM MILLER 6" china saucer St. John's Sunday School, Smallbridge.
46ORNAMENTS  SMALLBRIDGEDOMESTICJUL/AUG 2003RESOURCE ROOMTOM MILLER 2 x 6" wood birds of prey? Standing on square plinths. Hooked beaks, stylised heads, wings in relief on sides, claws visible.
47TEACUP  WARDLEDOMESTICOCT 2003MAIN ROOMCOMMUNITY CENTRE Teacup. See No. 13. Found in Wardle & Smallbridge Community Centre.
48TOBACCO TIN   PERSONALOCT 2003RESOURCE ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Small metal blue tobacco tin with hinged lid. "Edgeworth Extra High Grade Plug Slice Smoking Tobacco. Larus & Bro. Co. Richmond, Va, USA" on lid. Patent details on base. Contains 3 rolled cigarettes & packet of papers.
49TOBACCO TIN   PERSONALOCT 2003RESOURCE ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Medium size metal tobacco tin with hinged lid 'Hignett's Pilot Flake, Dark Flake Cavendish' on lid with picture of pilot in boat. 'Pilot' brand. Outer picture in colour, picture on inside of lid not coloured.
50DONKEY STONE   DOMESTICOCT 2003WORKROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Three rectangular/cube pieces of donkey stone.
51BAG BLUE   DOMESTICOCT 2003WORKROOMBERNICE CLIFTON One cloth-wrapped 'Reckitt's bag blue'. Instructions written on side.
52TOOL   EMPLOYMENTOCT 2003WORKROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Small metal 2-pronged object, ?fork with wood handle.
53CIGARETTE TIN   DOMESTICSEPT 2003RESOURCE ROOMKATHY CARTER Small lime-coloured cylinder-shaped metal tin 'De Reszke Minors Virginia Cigarettes. J. Millhoff & Co. Ltd. Piccadilly W. The Aristocrats of Cigarettes' on front. Donated by Kathy Carter, 4 Taylor Ave., Norden
54STAMP SAVER BOOK   DOMESTICSEPT 2003RESOURCE ROOMKATHY CARTER Co-op stamp saver book, small rect., cover blue and white.
55STAMPS   DOMESTICSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKATHY CARTER 4 loose Green Shield stamps.
56PRINTERS BLOCK   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKATHY CARTER Wood printers block, 2' long, solid rect, with letters mounted in reverse 'The Extraordinary'. Metal ring for hanging inserted in top end, 2 rings along side.
57OIL CONTAINER   DOMESTICSEPT 2003WORKROOMKATHY CARTER Small metal oil container. 'Singer' moulded into top area near long nozzle.
58BOX   DOMESTICSEPT 2003RESOURCE ROOMKATHY CARTER Tea and sugar box, small metal oval, opening lids at both ends. Words moulded into metal at both ends.
59PLAQUE 1918 WARS/MILITARYAUG 2003RESOURCE ROOMMARGARET CAREK Copper engraved circ. Comm. death of John Vernon Handley in WW1, mounted in wood frame. Engraver's name EC?P bottom rt. Engraving 'Britannia, lion, dolphins' & 'He died for freedom & honour' encircling figs. Donated by Margaret Carek, 12 Crossfield Rd.
60KETTLE   DOMESTICSEPT 2003KITCHENKATHY CARTER Copper kettle, imprinted on handle 'Eve-Ware' registered trademark. Hole in base.
61HELMET   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2003RESOURCE ROOMARNOLD WADE Tin helmet painted white 'W' in black paint front & back, webbing chin strap, leather headrest inside. Donated by Arnold Wade, 84 Rugby Rd.
62STIRRUP PUMP   WARS/MILITARYSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Stirrup pump with hose and footrest. Part of collection formerly belonging to Kenneth Simpson, 2 Bank Barn Cottages. Given to form a Ken Simpson Collection by Bernice Clifton.
63BALANCE/SCALES   DOMESTICSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Iron balance scales and weights, 6 in no. See previous.
64BALANCE   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Metal balance, 10 1/2" high, base of iron, rusty, face has pencilled markings - indistinct. Single needle on face. Sq. light metal plat on top. See previous.
65TILLEY LAMP   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Metal & glass gas lamp with rubber hosing. Metal handle for hanging. 'Tilley Pyrex 171 Heat Resisting' stamped on. 'Bullfinch Handilight for propane or butane' stamped on brass plat on top. See previous.
66TIMER   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Wind up timer on metal stand. White painted face markings 0-60 with single hand. Smaller inner circle marked similarly - no needle. 2 adjust. Knobs.Printed on face 'PYE. W.G. Pye & Co. Ltd., Cambridge. Made in England. See previous.
67SPRAYER   DOMESTICSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Copper garden sprayer 'Abol Syringe No. 5. Recomm. By Nat. Rose Soc. Etc. Black painted wood handle. See previous.
68TUBING   OTHER AREASSEPT 2003 KEN SIMPSON 8" copper tubing 'Johnson & Phillips, Brockie Pell No. 121221. Patent London' inscribed on oval plaque attached to barrel. See previous.
69SPRAY   DOMESTICSEPT 2003 KEN SIMPSON Copper hand pressure spray, handle at side, pump & pressure fittings on top of cylinder. Main cylinder 6" high, 4" dia. See previous.
70TILLEY LAMP   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2003 KEN SIMPSON Metal Tilley lamp with handle, brown enamel top with vents. (Glass protection for wick is missing). No markings. 13" high. See previous.
71PRIMUS BASE   DOMESTICSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Metal primus base. Pressure pump at side. 'Valor' inscribed on fuel tap. (No pan rest.) Solder repair on side. See previous.
72OIL CAN   DOMESTICSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Oil can, metal. 'K' in copper attached on side. Hydraulic with finger pump by handle. See previous.
73OIL CAN   DOMESTICSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Small metal finger oil can with short nozzle. Copper pyramid. See previous.
74OIL CAN   DOMESTICSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Small metal finger oil can with long nozzle. See previous.
75WEDGE   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Wedge-shaped moulded wood with hollow for handle/pipe? Through middle. See previous.
76TOOL BOX   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2003RESOURCE ROOMKEN SIMPSON Hand-made wood tool box/chest with inset removable tray. Contains pieces for repairing Tilley lamps. 14" wide, 25" long, 10" deep. See previous.
77BOOKSHELF   DOMESTIC2001 BURTON, LAURISTON Wood bookshelf - 4 fixed shelves, varnished or stained. 30" wide, 8" deep, 44" high. Donated by Mr. & Mrs. Burton, Lauriston, Law Flat, Wardle.
78BOOKSHELF  DOMESTIC2001  BURTON, LAURISTON Wood bookshelf, freestanding. 1 fixed shelf, 1 movable shelf, varnished or stained. 36 1/2" wide, 9" deep, 36"high. Donated by Mr. & Mrs. Burton, Lauriston, Law Flat, Wardle.
79BOOKSHELF   DOMESTIC2002CELLARJANE RICKARDS Wood, painted white, tall bookshelf with 8 fixed shelves. 23 1/2" wide, 6 1/2" deep, 71" high. Donated by Jane Rickards, 200 Wardle Rd.
80DOCUMENT CHEST   EMPLOYMENT2001RESOURCE ROOMHOLT, WARDLE 5 drawer wooden map/document chest with 2 brass handles on each drawer. 49" wide, 35" deep, 31" high. Donated by Mr. & Mrs. Holt, Wardle Rd.
81OFFICE CHAIR  WATERGROVEEMPLOYMENTSEPT 2003MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Wood office chair with seat higher than usual, ie 30" from ground. Total height 42". Seat covered in brown artificial cloth. (Possibly from office at Watergrove during construction.) Part of Ken Simpson Collection.
82PEW  WARDLERELIGION2OOOMAIN ROOMWARDLE SOCIETY Pew from former St. James Church, Wardle. Oak, dark varnished. Inscription reads 'Donated by St. James CofE PCC to the W.S. on closure Sept. 1990. Book rest attached to back, ends solid with curved & shaped fronts & tops. 74" long, 40" high.
83TABLE  WARDLEPUBLIC AUTHORITIES2000MAIN ROOMWARDLE LIBRARY Large wood table, 4 legs, 37 1/2" wide, 108" long, 31" high. ?formerly housed in Wardle Council Offices or Dunsterville, Manchester Rd. - Social Services.
84CHAIR  WARDLEPUBLIC AUTHORITIES2000MAIN ROOMWARDLE LIBRARY 1 of 3 Committee chair with arms, wood with brown covered seat and back. Arms curved at front. Original leather seat and back. See previous.
85CHAIR  WARDLEPUBLIC AUTHORITIES2000MAIN ROOMWARDLE LIBRARY 1 of 3 Committee chair with arms, wood with brown covered seat and back. Arms curved at front. Original leather seat and new leather back. See previous.
86CHAIR  WARDLEPUBLIC AUTHORITIES2000MAIN ROOMWARDLE LIBRARY 1 of 3 Committee chair with arms, wood with brown covered seat and back. Arms curved at front. Seat and back of new leather. See previous.
87CHAIRS  WARDLEPUBLIC AUTHORITIES2000MAIN ROOMWARDLE LIBRARY Three committee chairs with brown covered seats and backs. Artificial leather and wood. See previous.
88CHAIR   PUBLIC AUTHORITIESOCT 2003MAIN ROOMARNOLD WADE Committee chair with arms, dark green seat, back and arms covered in modern artificial leather.
89CHAIR   PUBLIC AUTHORITIESOCT 2003MAIN ROOMARNOLD WADE Committee chair, wood and light brown plastic fabric covering seat and back.
90CHAIR  WARDLEDOMESTICOCT 2003WORKROOMROBERTS, WARDLE Child's wood chair with open back, painted orange. 'Birthday Chair' painted in gold lettering across top piece of wood on back. Front foot support shaped in middle. Used at Wardle Methodist Chapel Sunday School. Donated by Julie & Jim Roberts.
91CHAIR  WARDLEDOMESTIC2003WORKROOMMARGARET CAREK Child's wood chair painted blue with open back. Used at Wardle Methodist Church Sunday School.
92CABINET  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTEASTER 2003MAIN ROOMBRUNINS Display cabinet, glass, mirrors, wood shelving at front, cupboards at back. Blue Formica top 3' long, 2' deep, 3' high. Donated by Roy & Laraine Brunins, Newsagent's, Wardle.
93CABINET  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTEASTER 2003MAIN ROOMBRUNINS Display cabinet, glass shelving & mirrors for 3/4 length, then plain wood at front forming cupboard at back, blue top. 7' long, 2' deep, 3' high. See previous.
94CABINET  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTEASTER 2003MAIN ROOMBRUNINS Display cabinet, double glass, wood frame & ends, glass front & top & shelves, mirrors at back. Front slopes backwards from back-sloping wood area at base. 15" high, 7'11" long, 18" deep at top, 3' high. See previous.
95CABINET  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTEASTER 2003MAIN ROOMBRUNINS Card display unit with small recessed glass/mirror shelves for cards covering top 2/3. Bottom 1/3 is 12 wood pull-out drawers with card partitions in wood, glass, mirrors. 9'1" long, 20" deep, 77" high. See previous.
96SHELF UNIT  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTEASTER 2003MAIN ROOMBRUNINS Wood and glass wall shelving unit, 7' long x 2' high. Divided into 8 shallow cupboard units - open. Bottom 4 units are mirror-backed. Shelves adjustable. See previous.
97SHELF UNIT  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTEASTER 2003MAIN ROOMBRUNINS Wood and glass wall shelving unit, 7' long x 2' high. Divided into 9 shallow, open, cupboard units & 2 (taller) narrow open display areas. All mirror backed. (Fitted above No. 96 on wall of History Room.) Shelves adjustable.
98DISPLAY UNIT  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTEASTER 2003MAIN ROOMBRUNINS Wood & glass display unit, 3' wide x 3 1/2 high with varying depths of 5 shelves - fixed. 2" high glass protectors along middle 3 shelves. See previous.
99SHELF UNIT  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTEASTER 2003MAIN ROOMBRUNINS Wood shelving unit, 4' long, 18" high, 8" deep, 4 open compartments of adjustable shelves. See previous.
100CABINET    OCT 2003RESOURCE ROOMTOM SOUTHERTON Wood floor display cabinet with 2 glass sliding doors & adjustable glass shelves inside. 6' long x 20" deep x 3' high. On wood base. Donated by Tom Southerton, 22 Knowl Syke St., Wardle.
101SHUTTLES   EMPLOYMENT2004RESOURCE ROOMBETTY HEBBLETHWAITE 5 wood shuttles with conical metal ends, pointed. Various sizes and markings. Donated by Betty Hebblethwaite, 21 Battersby St., Rochdale.
102BOBBINS   EMPLOYMENT2004RESOURCE ROOMBETTY HEBBLETHWAITE Two empty wood bobbins with metal fittings at one end, yellow paint near metal fittings. Donated by Betty Hebblethwaite, 21 Battersby St., Rochdale.
103HAIR ORNAMENT   DOMESTIC2004RESOURCE ROOMBETTY HEBBLETHWAITE Two black ?plastic hair ornaments, 5" long, open u-shape with sharpened ends, diamantes set in oval curve at top, trailing down sides. Donated by Betty Hebblethwaite, 21 Battersby St., Rochdale.
104HAIR ORNAMENT   DOMESTIC2004RESOURCE ROOMBETTY HEBBLETHWAITE One clear orange ?plastic hair ornament, 4 1/2" long, 2 prongs close together, top is a twist style. Donated by Betty Hebblethwaite, 21 Battersby St., Rochdale.
105OXO TIN   DOMESTIC2004WORKROOMBETTY HEBBLETHWAITE Small Oxo cubes tin, 2" long x 1 1/2" wide x 3/4" deep. Lid - 'Oxo cubes" in white on red & black cube pattern. Sides - 'concentrated energy of beef' & worn writing on other side. Base - written directions for use.
106PACKET   DOMESTIC2004RESOURCE ROOMBETTY HEBBLETHWAITE Small paper/card packet containing 2 sachets 'Dents Glove-Wash to be used only for the washing of Dents Washable Gloves (Made in England). Donated by Betty Hebblethwaite, 21 Battersby St., Rochdale.
107IODINE PEN   DOMESTIC2004RESOURCE ROOMBETTY HEBBLETHWAITE Small 3" long iodine pen, lid removes from outer casing with an iodine (glass) container inside it. Screw top lid, paper wrapping round base - words indecipherable. Instructions on pen clear.
108TABLET CONTAINER   DOMESTIC2004RESOURCE ROOMBETTY HEBBLETHWAITE Dark brown plastic 'Phyllostan' tablet container with round disc 1 1/2" dia. 2 discs joined by metal pin so rotate separately to allow tablets to be removed. Patent nos. on base. Arrow & words mouled into top.
109IRON   DOMESTIC2004MAIN ROOMBETTY HEBBLETHWAITE Black GEC electric iron, wood hand grip & thumb rest at front. Electric socket at rear. Brass plate 'GEC 5lb weight, serial no. 445' plus other id nos, eg 'Catalogue No. D5801'.
110COFFEE TIN   DOMESTIC2004WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Lyons Pure Ground Coffee Tin without lid, 2" high containing wooden pegs. About half full. See No. 111. Donated by Peter Whitehead, 43 Timbercliffe, Littleborough, OL15 9QI.
111WOODEN PEGS   DOMESTIC2004WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Wooden pegs, square, 1/2" long, pointed at one end. In No. 110.
112SHOE STUDS   DOMESTIC2004RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 'Tom Thumb' Segs Shoe Studs. Made by Blakeys'. Small, rectangular cardboard box of metal segs. See No. 113.
113SHOE STUD HOLDER   DOMESTIC2004RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Card 1 1/2" wide by 2 1/2" long (torn from larger piece) with 14 metal segs pierced into it. 'Modern shoe studs' printed along base. Blue card with brown border. See No. 112.
114NAILS   DOMESTIC2004RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Envelope containing metal 1" long flat nails with broad rectangular head.
115CLOGS   DOMESTIC2004WORKROOMKEN SIMPSON 1 pair clogs, wood base, leather uppers, no laces, black. Found in shed at Bank Barn Cottages by Bernice Clifton. Ken Simpson Collection.
116BED WARMER   DOMESTIC2004WORKROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Stoneware bed warmer, gloss glaze, dark brown screw stopper on top, middle. Stamped at end 'Lovatts Langley Ware, England'. One end dark brown with dark brown knob.
117GAVEL & BASE  WARDLEPUBLIC AUTHORITIES2003MAIN ROOMLINDA EDWARDS Wood gavel & base. Gavel 10" long, base 6" dia. Gavel dark stained wood. Base light oak, hollowed-out middle section, prob. Turned wood. Used in Wardle UDC meetings held at Council Offices, Wardle Rd. Donated by daughter of Billy Edwards.
118SIGN  WARDLEEMPLOYMENT2004 TERRY MITCHELL 'Watergrove Limited', plastic, rectangular sign, 4" x 13", black lettering on white background. This was attached to office door, former pallet factory, East St., Wardle.
119BOX  WATERGROVE 2003RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Black painted square box 10" x 10" x 2" with lid, lock & key missing. 'Watergrove' painted on front end by keyhole. Metal. Use not known. Donated by Edward Rigg, 3 Henry St., Wardle.
120PAINTING IRON  WARDLEFARMS2004MAIN ROOMANDREW FITZSIMONS Animal painting iron, 'JF' forming the paint mark. 14" long. Donated by owner of late Albert Jackson's cottages, Wardle Fold. Found on site.
121BLACKSMITH TOOL  WARDLEFARMS2004MAIN ROOMANDREW FITZSIMONS Soldering/blacksmithing tool, rectangular pointed head on iron handle. 18" long. For burning horns. See previous.
122HOE  WARDLEFARMS2004MAIN ROOMANDREW FITZSIMONS Hand-held hoe, wood handle, metal hoe and hook at end. 9" long. Slaughterman's scraper for pigs. See previous.
123MILK CHURN  WARDLEFARMS2004MAIN ROOMANDREW FITZSIMONS Milk churn, galvanised iron, no lid. 27" high. Capacity 11 gallons. Gallon markings up side, 2 handles. Stamped in rim at handle height 'Longridge. Mark Procter Ltd. 261'. See previous.
124MILK CHURN  WARDLEFARMS2004MAIN ROOMANDREW FITZSIMONS Milk churn, iron - rusty, no lid. 27" high. Raised stamp along handle rim 'Express Dairy Co. Ltd., London'. 2 small vertical 'handle' shapes along topmost area. See previous.
125MILK CHURN  WARDLEFARMS2004MAIN ROOMANDREW FITZSIMONS Milk churn, iron, as No. 123. Capacity prob. 10 gallons as no. 10 imprint visible. No small vertical handles near top. See previous.
126SCYTHE HANDLE  WARDLEFARMS2004MAIN ROOMANDREW FITZSIMONS Wooden scythe handle, 5' long, 2 scythe blades. 2 wood hand holds on scythe attached by 2 iron rings. See previous.
127CASTRATING IRONS  WARDLEFARMS2004MAIN ROOMANDREW FITZSIMONS One pair castrating irons, 12" long. Iron with black painted wood handles. 'Burdizzo' imprinted in metal of one handle. See previous.
128MILK CHURN  WARDLEFARMS2003MAIN ROOMTERRY MITCHELL Milk churn, galvanised iron with lid, 2 handles. Imprinted into lid top 'Associated Dairies Accrington' plus kitemark & 'Approved to British Standard'.
129WOOD  WARDLEFARMS2003MAIN ROOMTERRY MITCHELL Wood, shaped, sloping indentation at each end. 4' long, 6" x 6", several holes along length. Swivel tree from horse drawn equipment from Wardle Farm. 'Peterson, Rochdale' painted on flat side.
130WOOD  WARDLEFARMS2003MAIN ROOMKEVIN PICKIN Single piece of wood, 3' long, 1 1/2" x 1 1/2", 3 metal handles. Axle from a 4 wheel horse drawn wagon. Donated by Kevin Pickin, Rydings Farm - found in old building.
131COMPACTER   EMPLOYMENT2004MAIN ROOMEDWARD RIGG Shaped, wood, rounded cylinder, 3' long with 1 wood peg - handle at one end. Abt. 14" from end of peg - handle is a flat 1" wide iron band next to double chain band. Oak compacter prob. Used for laying flags or cobbles.
132WOOD BLOCK   EMPLOYMENT2004MAIN ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 1 wood block used to form wood setts in yards where horses might slip. From a Rochdale coal yard near present railway station. A cube.
133FORK  WARDLEFARMS2004MAIN ROOMTERRY MITCHELL 1 long-handled 2-prong curved fork. From Brown Cow Farm, late Albert Jackson's cottages.
134BEDPAN  WARDLEDOMESTIC2004WORK ROOMTERRY MITCHELL White china bedpan. Original Protection Bed & Douche Pan……for Hospital & Home. Brit. Patent 9583. Also patented in US. Made in England by Grimwades Ltd. Stoke on Trent. Medium. Found at Boggart House, Spring Side Farm, Stid Hey Bottom.
135CHAIR  WARDLEEMPLOYMENT2003WORKROOMBARRY WILD Black painted wood chair, 'wheel' pattern forming back support. From office of former pallet factory, East St., Wardle. Donated by Barry Wild, 11 Queens Ave., Wardle.
137BUILDER'S LEVEL   EMPLOYMENTOCT 2003RESOURCE ROOM  Builder's level, triangular with 3 notches at top for string holding the weight. Name of donor not known. Found in Clock Tower, Birch Hill Hospital by local builder.
138PLAQUE  WARDLESPORTS/LEISURE2004RESOURCE ROOMG & G SHAW Metal plaque 'Brewing Vat, Fuller's Arms, Wardle'. Donated by Graham & Gail Shaw, Lodge Foundry, Wardle.
139SEWING MACHINE   DOMESTICSEPT 2004WORKROOMBERTHA HAWKYARD Treadle Singer sewing machine. Machine folds into wooden cabinet. Iron stand & treadle. Complete with bobbins, cottons & instructions. Donated by Bertha Hawkyard, 9 Hare Hill Ct., Littleborough (formerly 115 Ramsden Rd., Wardle).
140KITCHEN CUPBOARD   DOMESTICSEPT 2004WORKROOMBERTHA HAWKYARD Kitchenette - wood kitchen cupboard complex. See previous.
141CLOG FITTINGS   DOMESTICOCT 2004RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 6 metal fittings for clogs & assorted metal flat, rectangular nails; 2 arched heel fittings, 2 shallow arch toe fittings, 1 with 2 7/8" stamped on it, 1 'Gem' fitting, 1 toe fitting stampled 'L' & '8'.
142CANNON  WARDLEDOMESTICAUG 2004MAIN ROOMBERTHA HAWKYARD Miniature solid brass cannon, 10 1/2" long. Made at Lodge Foundry, Wardle by Bill Shaw. See previous.
143MOULD FOR CANNON  WARDLEDOMESTICOCT 2004MAIN ROOMG & G SHAW Wood mould for No. 142. See previous.
144CANNON   DOMESTIC2004MAIN ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Miniature brass cannon, (similar to No. 142 except for mouldings at mouth end), mounted on wood carriage with wheels. Cannon painted bronze.
145PICK AXE HEAD  WATERGROVEEMPLOYMENT2003MAIN ROOMRTERRY MITCHELL Miner's pick axe head. Found at Dry Bank Drift Mine, Watergrove. Iron, painted black.
146SHOVEL  WARDLEEMPLOYMENT2003MAIN ROOMTERRY MITCHELL Stoker's shovel found in St. James' Church boiler house. Wood handle.
147HOLE PUNCH  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDEN Small metal hole punch 3" x 2". Patent imprinted on top surface of base. Note 2 screwholes in base as if for screwing to a surface. Prob. from old St. James' School, found at present St. James' School & handed on by Dena Longden.
148MEDALLION 2000WARDLEEVENTSJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDEN Medallion, metal, to celebrate Millennium at St. James' School. 'Ready for the year 2000' across top. 'St. James' CE School, Wardle' and school crest in raised type with circle, 2" square, in clear & blue plastic pocket. Made by Lodge Foundry, Wardle.
149MIRROR 1883WARDLEDOMESTICJAN 2005 DENA LONGDEN Mirror, wood surround, formerly belonging to Lizzie Silcock, nee Hartley, 6 Enginefield, Wardle 24.5.83. Dena remembers it hanging in her grandma's home at 14 Alfred St., Littleborough.
150OAK DOOR  WARDLEDOMESTICDEC 2004WORKROOMBRENDA MALLINSON Oak door with original bell, with letter opening, knocker fitting (without ring section of knocker). Formerly the front door of Dr. & Mrs. Mallinson's when Dr. Mallinson held a surgery at his house, 161 Ramsden Rd., Wardle.
151BANNER ENDS  WARDLERELIGIONOCT 2003RESOURCE ROOMWARDLE VILL. CHURCH Two gilt & red painted wood cone-shaped ends for church banner rail. 7" high, 3" base circum. Extras found in church banner boxes borrowed from Wardle Village Church for Exhibition 2003, accidentally left behind when banners returned.
152PRINTING BLOCK 1970s & 80sWARDLEEMPLOYMENTJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMTED BOLTON Wood printing block 6" x 4" - depicts Wardle Village Church & Chapel St. houses & Christmas tree - reversed. (Print made for drawing by Dave Althorp, Venture Scout leader - David Gooch, Howarth Knowl.) Formerly used by Venture Scouts to raise money.
153PRINTING BLOCK 1970s & 80sWARDLEEMPLOYMENTJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMTED BOLTON As No. 152 - depicts Globe Inn & house on corner of Wardle Fold.
154LAPEL BADGE   CLUBS/ORGANISATIONSFEB 2005RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDEN Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes - lapel badge, buffalo head, metal. Eric Silcock was a member of Wardle Lodge No. 8813, R.O.A.B.
155VISITOR'S CARD 1958 CLUBS/ORGANISATIONSFEB 2005RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDEN Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes - visitor's card given to Eric Silcock on visit to Ryburndale Lodge No. 4080. Dated 31.7.58, 3 1/2" x 4 1/2". See previous.
156DIRECTORY 1957 CLUBS/ORGANISATIONSFEB 2005RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDEN Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes - Directory & Official List of Lodges under Grand Lodge of England. Issued February 1957, No. 15, New Series. 4" x 4 3/4". See previous.
157RULES BOOK 1956 CLUBS/ORGANISATIONSFEB 2005RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDEN Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. Grand Lodge of England 1956. 96pp. 4" x 5". See previous.
158MEMBERSHIP CARD 1956 CLUBS/ORGANISATIONSFEB 2005RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDEN Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. Membership card for Eric Silcock of Wardle Lodge No. 8813, 4.9.56. 4 1/4" x 3 1/4".
159CERTIFICATE 1956 CLUBS/ORGANISATIONSFEB 2005RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDEN R.A.O.B. Membership certificate for Eric Silcock, Wardle Lodge No. 8813, 4.9.56. (Signed by George J. Smith, Grand Secretary.) 11" x 13". Kept rolled in original tube, addressed to 'Wardle Lodge, C. Walker, Esq. 353 Albert Royds St., Rochdale'.
160CLAY PIPE  WARDLECLUBS/ORGANISATIONSFEB 2005RESOURCE ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. Bowl & 1" stem of clay pipe. Bowl - R.A.O.B. & Buffalo Head. Slight indents. round top of bowl. Printed nos. on stem 'Ro No. 245' & '245215' on left & right side of stem. Found on land at Bank Barn Cottages.
161SANDWICH MAKER 1970s DOMESTICJAN 2005KITCHENDENA LONGDEN 'Taste-T-Toast' toasted sandwich maker, metal, with wood handles, for use on gas hobs. 161/2" long, round toasting area at one end is 5" dia. 'Tempo' trademark & firm's name not decipherable. Bought at Ideal Homes Exhib., Belle Vue.
162MONEY BOX   CLUBS/ORGANISATIONSJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDEN William Deacon's Bank Ltd. metal money box No. 126735. Oval shaped 2 1/2" high. Slotted around sides for insertion of 3d, 6d, shilling, half crown, small coins. Hole in base for notes. Lockable - no key.
163RAZOR SHARPENING BOX   DOMESTICJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDEN 'Rolls Razor' sharpening box, metal, rect., rounded corners. 6" long, 2 3/4" wide, 1/2" deep. Decorated geometric pattern. Top lid - circ. Trade mark, human fig. inside circle. 'Rolls Razor' printed around circle on inside. Pat. Nos. 224518, 242718.
164THERMOMETER   DOMESTICJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDEN Clinical thermometer sold at Boots the Chemist. Minute, English make - label on cardboard box cont. small 4" long glass therm. in metal protective case with lid. Box discoloured grey? Sales price ticket on base 1/6d.
165TRAY   DOMESTICJAN 2005KITCHENDENA LONGDEN Wood tray for table crumbs, finger holes at back & sides 1 1/2" high, except at back holding area 2 1/4". Int. meas. 6 1/2" front to back, 6 3/4"<8 1/4" back width widening to front width. Also see No. 166.
166CRUMB BRUSH   DOMESTICJAN 2005KITCHENDENA LONGDEN Brush for tray No. 165. Curved wood handle, bristles, 10" long. Inscription on handle 'Vear Lewis's Hats/Hindes Ltd. Makers B'gham. Lewis's Wonderful Penny Brush Market Street. Black paint on wood.
167?HEARSE CARRIAGE REM   EMPLOYMENTAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMMICHAEL FITTON Ornamental metal (decorative) remnant. 7 1/2" high, 4" wide. Elongated acorn shape at top, 2 feathers & base of acorn pinnacle from mouth of (Celtic-type shape) fish , fins extend to form ring shape entwining structure. Found in field opp. Law Flat.
168ROAD SIGN  SMALLBRIDGESPORTS/LEISUREJUL 2004WORKROOMSANDKNOCKERS PUB Iron road sign 40" x 6" 'WARDLE ROAD'. Painted black lettering on white - edging painted. Ends shaped. Erected on wall in Work & Search Room. Obtained by Bernice Clifton. Sign removed by previous owners from ext. wall & left behind.
169PEGS   DOMESTICOCT 2004WORKROOMKATHY CARTER 2 wooden washing line peg 5" x 3/4", tapered at end, bound with metal strip & pinned at top. Pegs were bought by Kathy Carter's (4 Taylor Ave., Norden) mother when newly married.
170PEGS   DOMESTIC WORKROOMMARJORIE TURNER 3 Wooden pegs as No. 169 donated by Marjorie Turner, Rhodes St.
171PEG   DOMESTIC RESOURCE ROOM  Wooden clothes peg, 5" x 3/4", tapered at end, split is 2 1/2" long.
172LADIES RAZOR   DOMESTIC RESOURCE ROOM  'Nymph' Ladies Razor - Souplex Ltd., Manufacturers of Toilet Requisites, Morecambe, England. All on outher sides of cardboard box cont. a pink plastic box & lid. 2 1/4" long x 1 1/4" wide x 7/8" deep. Box has red writing on cream, with blue edging.
173CIGARETTE LIGHTER   DOMESTIC RESOURCE ROOM  Black & chrome Ronson cigarette lighter, 2 1/2" long x 1 1/2" wide x 1/2" deep. Chrome top & base, small grid in side near top & side depression mechanism for lighting. Tab on base for filling, Ronson & patent info on base.
174SLIDE RULE   EMPLOYMENT RESOURCE ROOM  Slide rule embossed on side, also no. '?P634' & Made in England alongside. Red covering over card forms box - pull-off lid exposes inner box holding rule, sliding glass calculation frame. 12" long x 2 1/4" wide x 6/10" deep.
175PARALLEL RULER   EMPLOYMENT RESOURCE ROOM  Parallel ruler, dark wood with metal fittings. 9" long x 2" wide. Sliding hinges allow extended length of 14". No markings.
176MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS   EMPLOYMENTMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMBRENDA MALLINSON Wood box 7 3/4" long x 3" wide x 1 3/4" deep. Box & tray lined with purple velvet. Firm impressions to hold instruments - suture needle, hook, muscle cutters, scalpel, forceps
177MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS   EMPLOYMENTMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMBRENDA MALLINSON Varnished wood box 11" long x 5" wide x 2" deep to hold instruments - tweezers, tourniquet hold, thermometer case, clamp, chrome plate. Do not fit box.
178MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS   EMPLOYMENTMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMBRENDA MALLINSON Varnished wood box 6 1/2" long x 2 3/4" wide x 1" deep to hold instruments - suture needed, scalpels, chain with hooks, brass pin, probe.
179MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS   EMPLOYMENTMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMBRENDA MALLINSON Amputation set polished wood box 15" long x 6 1/4" wide x 2 1/4" deep with hinged lid for instruments - saw, tourniquet, 3 knives. Possibly belonging to Dr. Standring, former practice doctor with Dr. Mallinson.
180MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS   EMPLOYMENTMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMBRENDA MALLINSON Black Bakelite sphygmomanometer set (blood pressure kit), in box 12 1/2" long x 3 3/4" wide x 2 1/4" high.
181BRASS PLAQUE   EMPLOYMENTMAY 2005WORKROOMBRENDA MALLINSON Brass name plaque 12" x 8", engraved & with white paint in lettering - 'Ralph Mallinson, M.B.,ChB. Hours: 2-3pm except Thurs. 6-7.30pm'.
182MEDICAL SUPPLIES  WARDLEHEALTHJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMMARGARET CAREK 3 unused pkts. 'Sterile Lint Dressing No. 9' on both sides. Directions on side. Cardboard in duck egg blue with white checked patterns along l & w. Printed in dark blue - 'To Open Pull Back Tab'. 4" long x 1 3/4" x 1 3/4". Made at Rydings Mill.
183MEDICAL SUPPLIES  WARDLEHEALTHJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMMARGARET CAREK 1 packet unused 'No.12 Sterilized BPC Large Burn Dressing' & instructions printed on side. White card with red printing. 4" x 1 3/4" x 1 3/4". Made at Rydings Mill, Wardle.
184MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMRITA DUCKWORTH Cardboard packet containing round plastic tub with clear lid. 'Snowfire Healing Tablet' printed into lid, 'push up to apply' impressed into base of tube 1 1/2" dia. Donated by Rita Duckworth, Yew Court, Warwick St., Rochdale.
185MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMRITA DUCKWORTH Rectangular tin 3" x 2" x 3/4" with cream lid, contained 'Gee's Linctus Pastilles BPC'. Lid states directions & maker 'Ernest Jackson & Co. Ltd., Crediton, Devon, England'.
186MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMRITA DUCKWORTH Shallow tin contained 'Fruit Laxatives. Better than castor oil. 6d size. Coraline & Co., 19 Hillcrest, Monkheaton, Northumberland'. Lid contains directions. Mostly blck background with orange lettering. 3" x 2" x 1/2".
187MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMRITA DUCKWORTH Shallow tin contained 'Menthells - menthol liquorice, wild cherry & others + directions'. Instructions inside lid & maker - 'Blyton Astley & Co., Manchester'.
188MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMRITA DUCKWORTH Tubular container for 'Beechams Brand Pills, price 5s0d. St. Helens, Lancashire, England. Beechams Pills Ltd. St. Helens' on lid. Black on deep cream. Registered Trade Mark No. 561446 embossed into lid.
189MEDICAL SUPPLIES R   HEALTHMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMRITA DUCKWORTH Circular tin for 'CM Camphor Mentol Snuff' writen in black on gold. Around lid 'Beacon Brand, Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. Ltd., Kendal, England. 1 1/2" dia x 1/2" deep.
190CUP  LITTLEBOROUGHSPORTS/LEISUREJAN 2005MAIN ROOMPETER WHITEHEADVERY GOODChina cup 2 1/4" high x 2 1/2" dia. Two red rings encl. wider blue band printed around lip. Single gilt band inside. Partly faded around side 'A Present from Blackpool' in gilt. Found by Peter & John Whitehead near Summit Canal.
191EGG CUP  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICJAN 2005WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEADSATISFACTORYChina egg cup 2 1/2" high, 1 3/4" dia. On stand with painted scene 2 coach & horses + 1 large domestic building, coloured. As previous.
192JAR  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICJAN 2005WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Pot jar 3" high, 1 3/4" dia at top, cream with brown edging at rim. Black lettering on side 'Hailwood's, Manchester'. Drawing of cow with 'rich cream' above & below & 'pasteurised' along cow's side. As previous.
193JAR  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICJAN 2005WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD White glass jar, opening 2 1/4" dia., ht. 2 1/2", sides 1 3/4" tapering to 1 1/2" in bevel at base. As previous.
194BOTTLE  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICJAN 2005WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Glass bottle 4 1/2" high, 2 1/2" wide, neck 1" long x 1/2" dia. Opening. Emblem of bird over shield w. 3 marks on it. Slight brown discolouration. See previous No. 190.
195DISH  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICJAN 2005 PETER WHITEHEAD Small oval side dish, pot glazed in brown. Stamp on base 'Pyrita Ware. British Made. Fire Proof'. Sloping side. Length 5", width 3 3/4". See previous No. 190.
196CLAY PIPE  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 1 of 7 pipe remains. Bowl only 'O'Brien's 61'. 2 crude shamrock shapes stamped in bowl in an oval. Irish origin. See previous No. 190.
197CLAY PIPE  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 1 of 7 pipe remains. Bowl & <1" of stem. 'O'Brien Mayo St. Dublin stamped into bowl in oval shape. Top of bowl edged with series of narrow short vertical lines. Irish origin. See previous No. 190.
198CLAY PIPE  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 1 of 7 pipe remains. Bowl & ~ 1 1/2" stem. Only marking on bowl is single line encircling it at top. Brown discolouration. Irish origin. See previous No. 190.
199CLAY PIPE  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 1 of 7 clay pipe remains. Bowl & 3 1/2" stem. Possibly a 'B' at base of bowl by 'resting piece'. Bowl slopes away from stem. No markings but slight ridge visible down front of bowl. Irish origin. See previous No. 190.
200CLAY PIPE  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 1 of 7 clay pipe remains. Bowl & 2 1/4" stem. 'Dublin' stamped into bowl in oval shape. Edging of fine shallow vertical marks round rim. Irish origin. See previous No. 190.
201CLAY PIPE  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 1 of 7 clay pipe remains. Bowl & 2" stem. No resting piece. Bowl has mottled pattern impressed into it, continuing for about 1". Possibly some writing along stem. Irish origin. See previous No. 190.
202CLAY PIPE  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICJAN 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 1 of 7 clay pipe remains. Broken bowl & 2" stem. Bowl & resting piece elaborate decoration - lines/strokes go up bowl. Possibly resemblance of twig. Bark of a tree pattern? Irish origin. See previous No. 190.
203MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHAUG. 2004RESOURCE ROOMANNETTE TUCK Partly used tube 'Nostoline for nasal catarrh, hay fever, head colds & sore noses. Matthews Laboratories Ltd., Holloway, London N7' printed in gold on black. Instructions on reverse. Black screw cap.
204MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHAUG 2004RESOURCE ROOMANNETTE TUCK Small white plastic tub with snap-on lid. 'Fennings Little Healers, large 90 size, for the relief of coughs with colds and influenza'. Print white on green for main words, green on white for instructions. 1 1/2" high, 1/2" dia.
205MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHAUG 2004RESOURCE ROOMANNETTE TUCK Rect. Tin 'First Aid Outfit' (empty) with white cross in red rosette on plain background. Details of contents on lid, red writing. 5" x 3 1/2" x 1". Red border round lid.
206MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Shallow rect. Tin 'New Formula PEPS. A safe, sure remedy for coughs, colds, sore throat, catarrh' plus extra info on lid (hinged). Dark blue print on yellow background. 4" x 2" x 1/2".
207MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Tall square tin 'Sanatogen. Manufactured by Genatosan Ltd. at Loughborough, Leics., England', black print on light & dark yellow + shield cont. 'G Ltd. Patent no. on base. 2 1/4" sq., 5 1/4" high.
208MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Card box 2" sq., 4 1/2" high cont. filled bottle (100ml) of 'Collis Browne's Mixture' for coughs & diarrhoea. Brown glass bottle with back screw lid. Archer trademark. Stamp on box '132 1939'.
209MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Card box 2 1/2" sq., 4 1/4" high cont. brown glass jar with white lid. 'Kruschen Salts. Now in easier-to-take powder form' on jar label. 'A. Nicholas Product, Bath Road, Slough, Bucks'.
210MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD As No. 208 but card lid partly torn off top & base.
211GAS MASK   WARS/MILITARYMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Plain card box (6 1/2" x 5" x 4 1/2") with fold-in lid cont. gas mask. Inside lid 'Packing of Respirator' instructions.
212COCOA TIN   DOMESTICMAY 2005 PETER WHITEHEAD 'Rowntree's Cocoa Tin, half pound net. Sides decorated in geometric vertical bands, red & gold. On main side cup of cocoa, female figure with tray of cocoa jug. Size 3" wide x 1 3/4" deep x 5 1/2" high.
213BISCUIT TIN   DOMESTICMAY 2005KITCHENPETER WHITEHEAD Biscuit tin & hinged lid - old fashioned style. On base 'Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits, Reading & London, England' impressed into tin. Size 8 1/2" wide, 5 1/2" deep, 2" high.
214BISCUIT CUTTER   DOMESTICMAY 2005KITCHENPETER WHITEHEAD Biscuit & pastry cutter in card box (damaged) 'The Nut Brown' copyright. Side with info also in French, Spanish & German. Box size 5 3/4" x 3" x 1 1/2".
215INSTRUCTION CARD   EMPLOYMENTMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Instruction card 'Electricity Safety First Rules'. Writing on 4 sides including contractor 'J & T Robinson, 49-51 George St., Croydon. Tel. No. Croydon 0421'.
216DRIED MILK TIN   DOMESTICMAY 2005WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 'National Dried Milk. Modified Full Cream Milk. This tin contains the equivalent of 7 pints of milk with Vit. D added. Ministry of Food, London, W1'. Size 7" high, 4 1/2" dia. Close-fitting lid.
217BOTTLE  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Glass bottle, pale green, 3" stem with rounded area for stopper. 7 1/2" high, 2 1/2" dia. At base - damaged. 'Imperial 1/5 pint. Walter Hirst, Huddersfield' raised lettering around sides. As previous No. 190.
218BOTTLE  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Glass bottle, pale green, 2 1/2" stem with moulded area for stopper. 6" high, 1 1/2" dia. at base. No markings. See previous No. 190.
219BOTTLE  LITTLEBOROUGHHEALTHMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Glass bottle (?medicine), 3/4" neck. Size 4 3/4" high, 1" x 1 3/4" rectangular at base. White/clear glass. Rounded top for stopper. One side recessed - for label. See previous No. 190.
220PIPE JOINER  LITTLEBOROUGHEMPLOYMENTMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Lead pipe joiner used by plumbers. 5" high, handle/screw mechanism at top to raise/lower device inside 2 outer arms which connect to rt-angled bracket at base. Wire connects arm to base at 1 side. See previous No. 190.
221ANGLE TOOL  LITTLEBOROUGHEMPLOYMENTMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Metal tool for make 45 degree angle corner when using metal solder or brazing. 5 1/2" high. Screw machanism from top raises/lowers ht above angle. See previous No. 190.
222TOBACCO TIN   DOMESTICAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMMAUREEN BELL Tobacco tin 'Player's Sunvalley Finest Quality Light Tobacco'. 4 1/4" x 3" x 1 1/4" deep with lid. Contains misc. sewing items (scissors, needles, 2 thimbles, buttons, threads). Donated by Maureen Bell, Summit, Littleborough.
223MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMMAUREEN BELL 'Elastikon Boil Plasters', formula, 'Johnson & Johnson' tin with hinged lid. 2" sq x 1/2" deep. Cream background on lid with 2 red stripes across top section enclosing 'Boil Plasters'. Mfr's name in red, rest dark navy.
224FOB WATCH   DOMESTICAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMMAUREEN BELL Fob watch, glass cover cracked, Roman nos & hands black. Harral's Winner Lever. Made in Worttenburg' on face. Small circ. Face for seconds in 'VI' area at bottom of clock face.
225PENDULUM WEIGHT   DOMESTICAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMMAUREEN BELL Bronze ?pendulum weight. 1 1/2" dia. Screw adjuster at base. Back cover rusty.
226RAG RUG THREADER   DOMESTICAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMMAUREEN BELL Metal rag rug threader with wood handle. Lever allows material to be held firm. Metal rusty.
227HORLICKS MIXER   DOMESTICAPR 2005KITCHENMAUREEN BELL Horlicks mixer/swizzle stick (?) metal, disc at base attached to twisted stem ending in circular handle. 5" high.
228FIRE SET TOOL   DOMESTICAPR 3005WORKROOMMAUREEN BELL Top of fire set tool, brass?/stainless steel. Patterned sq with hole thro it, surmounted by well-defined representation of sailing ship/galleon, threaded hole at base for poker, hearth brush, etc.
229TOFFEE TIN   DOMESTICAPR 2005KITCHENMAUREEN BELL Tin with attached lid. Coloured scene on lid 'Venetian Carnival'. Small flat oval medallion showing gondola on front, sides and back. 'Made in England by Riley Brothers, Halifax Ltd., Halifax' at end. 1lb15oz net wt toffee. Size 9 1/2" x 7" x 2".
230RAZOR STRAP   DOMESTICAPR 2005WORKROOMMAUREEN BELL Rolls Razor Strap - see previous No. 163 for detailed description.
231TOBACCO TIN   DOMESTICAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMLESLIE OSTERMEYER 'Lloyds Old Holborn ® Blended Virginia' tobacco tin. Detachable lid. 4 1/4" x 3" x 1". Orange border, white background. Donated by Leslie Ostermeyer, Spinners Gardens, Wardle.
232TOBACCO TIN   DOMESTICAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMLESLIE OSTERMEYER 'Golden Virginia' tobacco tin. Detachable lid. Lime green background, words & tobacco leaves on lid. 4 1/4" x 3" x 1".
233TOBACCO TIN   DOMESTICAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMLESLIE OSTERMEYER 'Fine Virginia Cut Plug. Gold Block' plus fine writing re mfr on detachable lid - pale gold background. 4 1/4" x 3" x 1".
234SNUFF TIN   DOMESTICAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMLESLIE OSTERMEYER 'Dr. Craig's No. 27 Snuff' box/tin. Red tartan background on detachable lid. 1 3/4" x 1 1/4" x 1/2".
235SNUFF TIN   DOMESTICAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMLESLIE OSTERMEYER 'J & H Wilson's Top Mill No. 1 Snuff' in red words on white in blue background on detachable lid. 1 3/4" x 1 1/4" x 1/2".
236MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMLESLIE OSTERMEYER 'Compound Glycerine of Thymol Pastilles' in red words on cream hinged tin - contents & usage listed. 'Ernest Jackson & Co. Ltd., Crediton, Devon'. 'Centurion' logo with image of Roman centurion soldier. 3 1/2" x 3" x 3/4".
237MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTHAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMLESLIE OSTERMEYER 'Elastic Wound Dressings Self Adhesive. British Made. Dapco Products Ltd., Manchester 4' in white lettering on green background on detachable lid. 3" x 2" x 1/2".
238WOOD BOX (PART)   EMPLOYMENTOCT 2004RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 'Bugle Best Tacks Made. Support Home Industries' block lettering in bordered rectangle on paper which is attached to plywood. 12" x 5 1/2". From top of box found in shed.
239WINE BUNG   SPORTS/LEISUREJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Polished wood wine bung with metalo top & key inserted into wider end. '3' impressed into wood between tap and end. 7" long.
240CIGAR BOX   DOMESTICJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Wood box for 'Mannikin Cigars Mild Havanna Flavour' printed on paper oval label glued to centre of lid. Orange & brown border encirc. Pegasus horse straddling globe. 'Mild 30 or Mild 50' printed in black on base. 5 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 1 3/4".
241GRAMOPHONE TIN   DOMESTICJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 'Finest steel needles for talking machines' lettering on hinged lid of tin for gramophone needles. Picture of phonograph on lid & other info. Base divided into 3. 2 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1/2". Found inside No. 240.
242THIMBLES   DOMESTICJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Two metal sewing thimbles, tarnished, 1 very small. Found inside No. 240.
243TIN   EMPLOYMENTJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Flat cylind tin with detach lid cont metal builder's level 3" long. 'J. Rabone & Sons, Birmingham, England' in small print. 'Aluminium Line & Surface Level mfrd by John Rabone etc. Guaranteed Correct. No. 1350' around outside. Found inside No. 240.
244FLAT IRON   DOMESTICMAR 2005MAIN ROOMANDREW TUCK Black iron flat iron 'Smith 4' embossed on area beneath handle.
245GAS IRON   DOMESTICJUL 2005 ALAN BROWN Gas iron on stand 'The Rhythm No. 3750 Radiation'. Marbled effect green metal/black. ?Bakelite handle. Belonged to Alan's grandmother & in use in 1950s. She lived at chip shop bottom of Wardle Rd. Item is missing.
246WINDER'S KNOTTER   EMPLOYMENTJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMRITA DUCKWORTH Winder's knotter. 'Brevetti Mesdan' (?) imprinted into metal head. Words on yellow leather section partly worn off 'Wild… Mello… Brom… Boyce, Manchester, England'.
247IRON PLAQUE  LITTLEBOROUGHDOMESTICOCT 2004RESOURCE ROOMIAN WATERS Iron plaque, circular, 7" dia, prominent raised profile of ?Disraeli (see letter with plaque). Possibly damper lid or flue cover. Given to Ian Waters, Princess Ave. by E. Hinton, 39 The Meadows, Wood Lane, Heskin, PR7 5NR - found at Whittaker.
248CUTLERY HOLDER   DOMESTICAPR 2005KITCHENMAUREEN BELL Wood cutlery holder with 2 compartments either side of raised partition forming hand-hold. Size 8 1/2" wide, 14" long, 3" deep.
249WEAVER'S NEEDLE   DOMESTICAPR 2005RESOURCE ROOMMAUREEN BELL Weaver's needle, 8" long with 7" metal shaft ending in small hook, wood handle with cross-hatching, partly worn.
250SHOE BRUSH   DOMESTICMAY 2005WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Shoe brush, black bristles & wood handle on top of bristle holder. Label stuck on holder 'Brown', 7" long. See previous No. 190.
251TUBE GRATE POLISH   DOMESTICMAY 2005WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Partly used tube of 'Zebrite Tube Grate Polish', yellow cap, black & yellow stripe background broken by labelling & directions. 'Reckitt & Colman, Hull, 1oz. See previous No. 190.
252JAR   DOMESTICJAN 2005WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Stone pottery round jar, 4" high, prs of parallel vertical lines marked into sides, ending at indentation 1/4" below top of jar. On base '+ NOT Genuine Unless Bearing W.P. Harley's Label 7VF' pressed into clay. 3" circum.
253JAR   DOMESTICJAN 2005WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Stone pottery round jar, 5" high, 4" circum. Short indented lines spaced reg. round sides, 2" ht. Indentation occurs below rim of jar at top.
254BOTTLE   DOMESTICJAN 2005 PETER WHITEHEAD Small 2 3/4" high clear glass bottle, thick base, stem above shoulder 3/4" high, protruding rim at opening.
255BOTTLE   DOMESTICJAN 2005 PETER WHITEHEAD 6" high clear glass bottle, 2 1/2" stem above rounded shoulder, protruding rim at opening, another shall rim 1" down from top of bottle.
256POSSER BASE   DOMESTICJAN 2005WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Brass posser base 'Simplex No. 5' stamped on side. 8 1/4" dia at base, 5 1/2" high. Shape decreases from base to top for pole holder of 1" dia.
257RAG RUG   DOMESTICJAN 2005WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Rag rug, 20" x 16", multi-coloured with geometric pattern of ovals. Hessian backed.
258TOILETRY PACK   DOMESTICJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Men's toiletry pack: comb, toothbrush, razor, hairbrush, 2 empty soap containers, held in place by loops. Rect: 10" x 4" x 1 1/2" deep. Self-closing gilt hasp, wine coloured leather. 'amiet' stamped into hasp. 'Real leather made in England'.
259SHAVING BRUSH   DOMESTICJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Shaving brush 'Pure Bristles' 'Sterilized' printed on packaging. White bristles, decorative red & white holding area. ?Chinese ?Japanese printing on box. Brush 4" long.
260PILL CONTAINER   HEALTHJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Small, round pill container, black with Victorian-style child painted on lid.
261HORSE BRASSES   DOMESTICJUNE 2005WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 2 x Horse brasses. (a) horse inside circle (b) Queen Victoria inside a heart inside ring, crown at top. Both 3 1/2" high, 2 3/4" dia.
262LOG BOOK 1962 TRANSPORTJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Vehicle log book, R.F.60, for Ford Cortina de Luxe - 3891 TE, first registered 12 Dec 1962. Details include 4 owners & addresses, duty rates & payments stamps. Last date, ie expiry - end Dec 1966.
263TELEPHONE ACCOUNT 1963 DOMESTICJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD GPO Telephone Account for December 1963 for Mrs. S. Simpson, 48 Molesworth St., Rochdale - Total £7.13.8. Date stamped 20.12.63.
264PICTURE CARDS   SPORTS/LEISUREJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD 'Brook Bond Picture Cards Wild Flowers (Series 3). Illustrated & described by C.F. Tunnicliffe R.A. Price Sixpence'. Some cards missing. 7 duplicate cards loose in book. Paper covers. 7 1/4" x 5".
265WWII AIRPLANES 1939-45 WARS/MILITARYJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Set of 3 plastic mounted reproductions of WWII airplanes, each 6 1/4" x 4 1/2". (a) The 504 (b) The Anson (c) The Lancaster.
266CATHEDRAL PHOTOS   RELIGIONJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Set of 5 small (2 1/2" x 3 1/2") sepia photos of ?York Cathedral. (a) S.W. View of Cathedral with Canon House (b) West Door (c ) Nave Looking East (d) Lady Chapel showing E. Window inserted in 1863 (e) North Side of Choir with Views of N. Transept.
267MASSAGER   PERSONALJUNE 2005RESOURCE ROOMLESLIE OSTERMEYER 'Pifco Electric Massager' in orig cardboard box. 'Electric Massage recommended by Doctors for Rheumatism, Sciatica etc' 'Made in England. Black lettering on white. Box size 10 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 3 1/4". Machine white plastic. Guar. Card included.
268APRON  WARDLEEDUCATIONMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMKATHY CARTER Hand-made green gingham apron with bib. Embroidered in black. Circular medallion with maker's initials 'K.K.' attached to bib. 'Hat' to match apron. Kathy was in Pat Ingham's class at Wardle Sec. Mod. School in 1959.
269CHILD'S APRON 1957WARDLEEDUCATIONMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMKATHY CARTER Hand-made child's apron with large pocket across front. Plain self-coloured cotton. Maker's initials embroidered in green on pocket 'KNF'. Made while at St. James' Junior School 1957.
270CHILD'S APRON  WARDLEEDUCATIONMAY 2005RESOURCE ROOMKATHY CARTER Hand-made embroidered child's green apron with large pocket acress front. Bright red cotton. Emb. flowers (pansies) on bib area. 'Kathleen Kershaw' emb. on underside of side of pocket area. Made at St. James' Junior School.
271CHILD'S CHAIR  WARDLERELIGIONAPR 2005WORKROOMKAREN BARNES Child's wood chair with open back. Formerly used at Wardle Methodist Sunday School. Donated by Karen Barnes, 1 Hibson Close, Wardle.
273WASHBOARD   DOMESTICAPR 2005WORKROOMMAUREEN BELL Wood-framed washboard with pleated galvanised insert. 9" wide x 12" high - washing area. Extended legs screwed on - 5 1/2".
274POSSER   DOMESTICAPR 2005WORKROOMMAUREEN BELL Aluminium hand posser with wood handle of 9" height. Dia of posser at base 5 1/2", ht 4". Holes in concave base & around base on outside.
275BOOKLET 1938 WARS/MILITARY2003RESOURCE ROOMARNOLD WADE 'The Protection of Your Home Against Air Raids. Home Office. Read this book through then keep it carefully'. Cover printed 1938 by HMSO London.
276ADDING MACHINE   CLUBS/ORGANISATIONS2003RESOURCE ROOMARNOLD WADE 'Plus' Adding Machine Model No. 509/F/840701 & 'Bell Punch Co. Ltd., 29 St. James' St., London. Guar. Wholly made in Great Britain'. Mottled green enamel. Original prot. green fabric cover. 9" x 7" x 4 1/2". Used at Smallbridge Co-op until 1968.
277LOCAL MODELS  WARDLEENVIRONMENT2003MAIN ROOMARNOLD WADEVERY GOODVarious models of Wardle, Smallbridge & Watergrove buildings.
278MAGAZINES 1960/1970 DOMESTIC2006RESOURCE ROOMKATHY CARTER (a) 'Woman's Weekly around the house'. IPC Magazines 1972; 15p. (b) 'Do-it-yourself for the practical man about the house. Jobs to do out-of-doors'. Vol.4 No.7 July 1960 1/-. ( c) 4 x knitting pattern leaflets 8/6d ea. (Continued over)
279MAGAZINES 1960/1970 DOMESTIC2006RESOURCE ROOMKATHY CARTER (d) Free knitting needle w Woman's Weekly, 30" circ, size 8; (e) Nightdress sewing patt 1-2 years, Maudella, 1/6d; (f) Knitting patt torn from Woman's Realm mag - woman's lacy top; (g) Sheet of Woman's Own Free Gift Trans. 16.10.65. (Continued over)
280MAGAZINES 1960/1970 DOMESTIC2006RESOURCE ROOMKATHY CARTER (h) French knitting; (i) silk handkerchief, lace-edged. 'A Present from Rochdale embr. On corner; (j) 8 booklets publ. by Rochdale Civic Soc. - series 'Trails around Rochdale'; (j) from an elderly lady living near Kathy Carter.
281HAND PUNCH  SMALLBRIDGEEMPLOYMENT2006RESOURCE ROOMARNOLD WADE Iron hand punch used at 'Rochdale Wholesale Grocers Ltd.' to punch address on invoices & corresp. Black, green baize on underneath surface, gold lettered stamp at rear 'H.H. Hartley, 60 St., Manchester.
282TEA COSY   DOMESTIC2006RESOURCE ROOMOLIVE ASHWORTH Crocheted tea cosy - green lined. Gold ribbon threaded round edges & across middle, ending in bow. Made by Mrs. Ashworth's (neighbour of Kathy Carter) grandmother.
287TIN BOX    JULY 2006WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Tin box steel spinning travellers.
291FLASK BASKET 1950 DOMESTICJULY 2006KITCHENDENA LONGDEN Wicker flask basket with coloured stripes, used by Dena's mother.
292TEA TRAY   DOMESTICJULY 2006KITCHENDENA LONGDEN Wood tea tray, 2' long. Wood beading round edges - broken in placed. Painted black. Made by Dena's father while at Littleborough Parish School. Woodwork classes held at Littleborough Central.
294DRIVING LICENCE 1929-1930 TRANSPORT2006RESOURCE ROOMBETTY PORTER Driving licence - Rochdale Council issued. Donated by Betty Porter, Smith Bridge Flats via Rita Duckworth.
295BLANKET    2006MAIN ROOMARNOLD WADE White wool blanket made by CWS Littleborough. Found in 'Blue Store' when it closed in 1968 - never sold as shop's cat had kittens on it. (NB Shop accounts included entries for cat's meat and milk.)
296SEWING KIT 1939 WARS/MILITARY2006RESOURCE ROOMMILDRED FITTON Cloth soldier's sewing kit, folded with dark wool strip of fabric for needles & pins. No. on purse - 1825503 (Clifford Fitton (deceased 1946 as a result of war injuries)). Scissors & cottons put in pocket area.
297HORLICKS JAR   DOMESTICNOV 2006MAIN ROOMSANDRA HEWITT Glass Horlicks jar with metal lid. 'Original/genuine Horlicks' 'Horlicks Malted Milk, Slough, Berkshire, England and Rasin-Wis-USA' imprinted on lid. Donated by Sandra Hewitt (nee Taylor), Tonacliffe Rd. (formerly Wardle Fold, father Bank Barn Cotts.)
298OSTERMILKTIN   DOMESTICNOV 2006MAIN ROOMSANDRA HEWITT 'Ostermilk No. 1 Modified Milk Food' etc. Ie much info printed on side. Metal tin & lid. 'Contents of this tin should be used before September 30th 1946' imprinted on base.
299GLASS MEASURE   HEALTHNOV 2006MAIN ROOMSANDRA HEWITT Glassd measure, graduated in measures on side. Used to buy measures of Indian Brandy from 'Dirty Mary's' in Wardle Fold.
300WEIGHING BALANCE   EMPLOYMENTNOV 2006MAIN ROOMSANDRA HEWITT Iron (black painted) weighing balance w. brass pans & weights . 'Parnall & Son Bristol' embossed on base under balancing mechanism. Weights - 1lb, 8oz, 4oz, 2oz, 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz. Used by Hannah (?Anna) Wilson at chip shop at 100 Ramsden Rd.
301JUG  WATERGROVERELIGIONNOV 2006MAIN ROOMMARY ALLISON White china jug with Watergrove Sunday School in brown scroll. Mary Allison - aunt of Sandra Hewitt.
302SUGAR BOWL  WATERGROVERELIGIONNOV 2006MAIN ROOMMARY ALLISON White china sugar bowl with Watergrove Sunday School in brown scroll. Mary Allison - aunt of Sandra Hewitt.
303PINT POT 1872 EVENTS2006MAIN ROOMDOREEN MITCHELL Large handled pint pot - china, black pattern on rim & wording & picture on outer curve, of 'Sir Francis Crossley Bart, M.P. Died Jan 5th 1872' and words praising him 'farewell loving husband ……' Sold by John Shackleton, Market Place, Halifax.
304WASHTUB   DOMESTICOCT 2006WORKROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Galvanised washtub with handles each end. Hotpoint wash tub imprinted into base. Found at Bank Barn Cottages, Wardle in shed. To form part of Ken Simpson Collection.
305NEEDLES TIN   DOMESTIC2006RESOURCE ROOMAMY BUTTERWORTH Small (1" x 1 1/2") gold painted thin tin cont. needles. Lid slides open. Hatched metal strip at one end (?for matches). Base & lid have incised pattern and 'LEWIS'S' on them. From house clearance at Buckley Lane (via Marjorie Turner).
306THIMBLES   DOMESTIC2006RESOURCE ROOMAMY BUTTERWORTH (a) ?aluminium 'Dr. Lovelace's soap' emb., base blue. (b) ?chrome '17' incised. ( c) ?copper 'Lutona Cocoa' emb. (d) ?copper - no markings.
307NEEDLE   EMPLOYMENT2006RESOURCE ROOMAMY BUTTERWORTH 5" long curved metal ?sailmaker's needle, curved, eye at end, round then flattens to curved point.
308NEEDLE   EMPLOYMENT2006RESOURCE ROOMAMY BUTTERWORTH 6" long, straight metal needle, round after eye then to 3-sided point.
309LOZENGES TIN   HEALTH2006RESOURCE ROOMAMY BUTTERWORTHGOODLozenges tin (4"x3"x1/2") with hinged lid. 'The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Peppermint Medicinal Lozenges - Attoids, Carminatrive and Digestive…..' printed on lid w. sketch of 'Mentha Piperina. A Smith Product.
310PASTILLES TIN   HEALTHJAN 2007RESOURCE ROOMKEN TURNER 'Honey and Lemon Cough Pastilles' tin w. hinged lid (yellow background to black & orange wording). Contains metal jointings for wood (4"x2 3/4"x3/4"). Price sticker on lid 'Kay's Cosmetics, 42/44 The Haymarket, Bury. 31p.
311CIGAR TIN   DOMESTICJAN 2007RESOURCE ROOMKEN TURNER Flat slightly rusted tin (6"x4") of 'Tom Thumb 15 Cigars' containing tacks for shoe making.
312TOBACCO TIN   DOMESTICJAN 2007RESOURCE ROOMKEN TURNER Slightly rusted 'St. Bruno' tobacco tin containing wooden plugs for clog making.
313DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Lancashire Lass - Part of collection of handmade miniature dolls, 19 in total. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them. The one of Cyril Smith is in the Museum Archives at Fishwick St.
314DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Two joined dolls. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
315DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Another Lancashire Lass. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
316DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Scotch doll. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
317DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Catherine of Aragon (1st wife). Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
318DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Anne Boleyn (2nd wife). Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
319DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Jane Seymour (3rd wife). Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
320DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Anne of Cleves (4th wife). Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
321DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Kathryn Howard (5th wife). Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
322DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Katherine Parr (6th wife). Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
323DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Henry VIII (with his six wives. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
324DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Mary Queen of Scots. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
325DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Princess Anne in wedding dress. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
326DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Queen Elizabeth I. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
327DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Queen Victoria. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
328DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Queen Elizabeth 11. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
329DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE#2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Queen Mother. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
330DOLL 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Gladys Challinor. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
331DOLL - THRONE 1960/1970 SPORTS/LEISURE2004MAIN ROOMJEAN ACKROYD Throne made from matchsticks. Donated by Jean Ackroyd (nee Pate), 104 Wardle Rd. - daughter of Gladys Challinor who made them.
332DOLL   SPORTS/LEISURE2005MAIN ROOMCHRISTINE GREENWOOD Dressed doll. Donated by Christine Greenwood, 38 Ashbrook Cres.
333DOLL   SPORTS/LEISURE2005MAIN ROOMCHRISTINE GREENWOOD Dressed doll (pot). Donated by Christine Greenwood, 38 Ashbrook Cres.
334SHOE   PERSONALJAN 2007MAIN ROOMTERRY MITCHELL Leather child's shoe with metal buckle. Found at Bent Head Farm, Wardle by Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell when they renovated in early 1990s, under floorboards. (Told article of child who had died was kept in a house where it had lived.)
335CLOGS   PERSONALDEC 2006WORKROOMNORA TYSON (a) and (b) One pair of black clogs - leather upper, wood base; black laces, red eyelets; heels and toes soles repaired. (a) torn at heel, leather section. Nora Tyson - sister-in-law of Ruth Tyson, 14 Brook St., Wardle.
336HACKSAW   EMPLOYMENTFEB 2007RESOURCE ROOMKEN SIMPSON Metal hacksaw with riveted blade & wood handle (damaged, easily comes off). 15" long. Marks drilled into top section/bar of saw - FR S. For Ken Simpson Collection.
337PLUMBER'S TOOL   EMPLOYMENTFEB 2007RESOURCE ROOMKEN SIMPSON Small plumber's 3-part metal tool - finely calibrated. Each end has different shape. ?for fixing gas mantles/gas lamps. For Ken Simpson Collection.
338KIT BAG 1943 WARS/MILITARYFEB 2007RESOURCE ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Canvas soldier's kit bag - small (11" long, 7" wide, 1 1/2" deep) with fold-over flap opening. (Shoulder handle missing) Printed inside flap 'Bagcraft Ltd. 1943' in black ink.
339TOOLS  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTJUNE 2008MAIN ROOMEDWARD RIGGGOOD4 iron boiler tools, ie rake, clinker-remover, de-clinking bars. From Wardle Methlodist Chapel. Used until 1960s.
340COLLECTION  SMALL/WARDLEPERSONAL2003RESOURCE ROOMIAN & MGT WATERSGOODTools, photographs, books, personal educational materials and equipment. Linked to life and activities of former owner, Tom Miller. Formerly used at Belfield Wheelwrights. List kept with tools in display cabinet in Main Room.
341COLLECTION  WARDLEPERSONAL2008RESOURCE ROOMEDDIE ROGERSGOODPersonal items, badges, books, certificates from Ian & Mgt Waters linked to their lives. Kept in their collection box. (See also collection of Tom Miller, brother of Mgt.)
342COLLECTION  WARDLEPERSONALVARIOUSRESOURCE ROOMVARIOUSMOSTLY GOODPhotographs, publications, original documents with architect's maps. Dearnley Workhouse & Birch Hill Hospital. Detached list of items is kept in ring binder with items on shelf in Resource Room.
343BOOKLET   RELIGIONAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Small (3" x 2 1/4") booklet w. black velvet spine & green shiny marbled covers, front has recess for picture. Contains 31 daily devotional/meditational quotes each with biblical verse. Publ. Valentine & Sons Ltd., Dundee, Edin, Dublin, London.
344COLLECTION BOX 1980 RELIGIONAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Light wooden rect. Collection box with coin slit at top. Written on label at side 'Flower Box Ladies Fellowship'. Some totals written on base, including date.
345COLLECTION BOX   RELIGIONAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 3" cube cardboard collection box. 'Methodist Church Overseas Division' printed around top surface edges - coin slit in midd + 'MMS' printed either side. Side décorations torn - prob. Incl. representation of globe.
346COLLECTION BOX   RELIGIONAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Cardboard lantern-shape (hex. 6" high) collection box for 'The League of Light of the National Children's Home' printed on one side. Pics of candles in windows + collection slot. Red, black & gold. This box belonged to Mrs. Rigg who collected £100.
347T PUZZLE   EMPLOYMENTAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 4-piece card T puzzle produced by 'Home & Country Tea Co. Ltd., Flint St., Huddersfield, Yorks.' Printed shapes in card env (4" x 2 1/4"), printed info & advertising on pieces.
348LETTER CARDS   PERSONALAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 4 x pre-paid letter cards with perforated tear-off edges. Unused. 2 1/2"p, 3p, 4 1/2p, 1 x 4d. (extra 2p + extra 2 1/2p).
349INSTRUCTIONS   DOMESTICAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Instructions for using 'Hotpoint Washing Machine'. 12 printed pages w. photos. 'Edition A'.
350OLD WARDLE SHEET    APR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Copy of Fred Mellor Cryer's 'Memories of Old Wardle'. 1 page.
351COLLECTION VARIOUSWARDLERELIGIONVARIOUSRESOURCE ROOMVARIOUSMOSTLY GOODDocuments, registers, publications from St. James' Church, Wardle. Detailed list of items kept on St. James' Church shelf in Resource Room.
352SPECTACLES   PERSONALAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG (a) & (b) 2 x pairs tortoise-shell spectacles belonging to late Rayner Rigg.
353SPECTACLES   PERSONALAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 2 x pairs tortoise-shell spectacles in cases, 1 brown (a), 1 black (b). On lid 'G. Slattery MSc, F.B.C.O., D.C.L.P., M.P.S., 43 Halifax Rd., Rochdale. Tel. 45746 - gilt lettering. Used by late Rayner Rigg.
354NIT COMB   PERSONALAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 1 x black plastic nit comb 'The Thistle. Guaranteed. British Made' imprinted into middle section.
355BUTTONS   PERSONALAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 21 x cloth-covered buttons on 3 x cards. 4/10" diameter, white, metal eyelets.
356SHOPPING LIST   DOMESTICAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 1 x chrome patterned covered shopping list, 2" x 3 1/2". Pages inside are printed for entering 'article, cost total, date' on each page.
357BODKINS  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 6 x bodkins, varied lengths & size of hole. Thought to belong to late Rayner Rigg and linked to his working at Little Ned's Mill.
358MEASUREMENT TOOL  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 1 x metal 1" measurement tool. Prob. used by late Rayner Rigg at Little Ned's Mill. To measure number of threads? String threaded through a hole at top.
359PINCER TOOL  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 1 x metal pincer tool - copper nut holds 2 pieces firm - apart. 2" long. Textile tool? Used by late Rayner Rigg at Little Ned's Mill.
360PINCER TOOL  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 1 x metal pincer tool with pointed end. 4" long. 'P.H.Lingard' or 'H.Lingard' imprinted on side above outline of a similar tool to this. Textile tool? Used by late Rayner Rigg at Little Ned's Mill.
361VALVES   EMPLOYMENTAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Small tin (1 1/2" x 1") w. sliding lid containing 3 x metal valves. 'Five Schrader Valve Cones' printed on lid, white on red. Base shaped to hold valves. Side - 'UK Valve Pat No 337652' 'Made in England'. ?Prob. used by late Rayner Rigg.
362N. SAVINGS BADGE   PERSONALAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG National Savings Badge + 5 year bar - coloured enamel. Awarded to Edward Rigg for services as N.S. salesman. Made by 'Pattorini & Sons, 33(?) Bar Street, Birmingham' on reverse sides of both - linked together.
363ATTENDANCE MEDAL  WARDLERELIGIONAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Sunday School Attendance Medal and 2 bars attached to blue ribbon. Coloured enamel. Awarded to Edward Rigg.
364ID CARD 40sWARDLEWARS/MILITARYAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG National Registration Identity Card for Thomas Rayner Rigg, 89 Ramsden Road, Wardle - 28th May 1943 (removed to 3 Henry St., Wardle - 15th April 1947).
365MEDICAL CARD   HEALTHAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Lancashire Insurance Committee, 42 West Cliff, Preston. Medical card for Mrs. Edith Rigg, 3 Henry St., Wardle (signed by J.T.R. MacGill).
366WEIGHT CARD 1947/8 HEALTHAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Lancashire County Council Child Welfare Centre Weight Card for James Edward Rigg, 3 Henry St., Wardle (d.o.b. 17.5.47) (Weights recorded between 17.6.47-7.12.48). Card kept in folder. Child Welfare Centre.
367IMMUNISATION FORM   HEALTHAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Lancashire County Council, Health Division No. 13 typed recommendation and consent form for child immunisation (diphtheria). Form signed by 'MacGill, M.O.H., Wardle U.D.C. ie 'immunised by'. Relates to Edward Rigg.
368INVITATION CARD 30 SEPT 1950WARDLEPERSONALAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Invitation card from 'Wardle Methodist Church … Sunshine Band' to a birthday party … 30th September 1950'. Secretary: Mrs. J. Kershaw, 4 Alderbank, Wardle.
369RECIPE BOOK  WARDLEDOMESTICAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Hand written recipe book belonging to late Alice A.M. Cryer (card in book). Solid covers, thick exercise book.
370TREASURER'S BOOK 1893-1954WARDLERELIGIONAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Hand written Treasurer's Book covering entries 1893-1954 of income & expenditure. Wardle Methodist? Card in book.
371MUSIC SCORE 1906WARDLERELIGIONAPR 2007RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Messiah by Handel score. Given to Nellie Rigg for Regular Attendance at Wardle Wesleyan Sunday School, Xmas 1906. Letter inside from Linda Thomas formerly of Heath Rd., Wardle to Edward Rigg explains provenance of score.
372SAUCERS  WARDLERELIGIONAPR 2007MAIN ROOMEDWARD RIGG 2 x china saucers, white. Brown ?stamp?transfer on each 'Wardle Wesleyan Sunday School'. 6" diameter.
373PLATE  WATERGROVERELIGIONAPR 2007MAIN ROOMEDWARD RIGG 1 x white china plate, gilt around edges on side holding extensions. Brown transfer on side 'Watergrove Sunday School'. 9" diameter.
374JELLY JAR   DOMESTIC KITCHEN  White pot jelly jar, 3" dia, 3" high. On side black lettering 'Burneys Confectioners, Rochdale. Home Made Invalid Jelly' on side. Chipped on rim. Indentation around & just below top rim. Stamp on base 'Rose Manchester AD 1820'.
375STONE CORE  WARDLERELIGION2007MAIN ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Stone core 1 1/2" dia, 1/2" high. Found in churchyard by St. James' Church, Wardle - presumably a remnant of stone test undertaken by church developers. 1 surface smooth, 1 broken.
376ADDING MACHINE   EMPLOYMENT2005RESOURCE ROOMCATH TERNANT Adding machine formerly used by William Baptie (late of 192 Ramsden Rd.) when he was an accountant in Rochdale. RIP 2004.
377SOLDIER'S CAMP BED 1940s WARS/MILITARY2006RESOURCE ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON WWII folding canvas soldier's camp bed. Khaki fabric & metal supports.
378CLOTHES HANGER 1950s PERSONAL2007RESOURCE ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Folding clothes hanger. Metal covered in red fabric.
379CLOGS 1950s PERSONALJAN 2008RESOURCE ROOMREX MOORE Clogs, pair men's clogs. Probably made in 1950s. Worn regularly by Rex. Wooden soles, leather uppers & laces.
380CLOGS   PERSONALNOV 2007WORKROOMRITA DUCKWORTH Clogs - pair child's clogs. Wood soles, leather uppers, no laces.
381APRON MAY 1945 PERSONAL2005-6WORKROOMARNOLD WADE Apron used by Arnold, linen, full length, printed w. May 1945. Ration Book cover.
382DOOR LOCK  WARDLERELIGION2006RESOURCE ROOMTERRY MITCHELL Original cellar door lock & mechanism from St. James Church, Wardle. Probably opening date of church.
383MOURNING PARASOL  WARDLEPERSONAL2008RESOURCE ROOMJEAN BEDFORD Long handled black mourning parasol. Original cotton cover (torn); black cotton with white printed pattern; indented decoration on handle; black & white fabric wrist handle. From St. James Church or Wardle Methodist. Jean Bedford (nee Bamford)
384PLAQUE 1954WARDLERELIGION2008RESOURCE ROOMST. JAMES CHURCH Wooden wall commemorative plaque - 'The cost of the renewal of the heating apparatus of this church in 1954 was provided by a legacy from the late Ruth Ball of Maghull in the County of Lancaster, one-time parishioner & day school teacher'. 21" x 12".
385BRASS PLATE 1890sWARDLERELIGION2008RESOURCE ROOMST JAMES CHURCH Brass inscribed plate commem. A window 'The above window is erected by Alice Barnes Pooley to the Glory of God and in memory of her parents John & Jane Ducker who for upwards of thirty years laboured in this parish'. 1858-1892. 18" x 13".
386VASES 1958SMALLBRIDGERELIGION2008RESOURCE ROOMST. JAMES CHURCH (a) and (b) 2 brass vases 9" high. '1858-1958 A centenary gift from the parishioners of the mother church St. John the Baptist, Smallbridge' inscribed on side of each.
387PLAQUE  WARDLERELIGION2008RESOURCE ROOMWARDLE METHODIST Wood wall shield plaque commemorating Methodist Assoc. of Youth Clubs at Wardle Methodist Church. 9" x 7". Plain wood in shield shape surrounds a central shield in green with gold shell inside it, initials MAYC.
389COLLECTION BOX  WARDLERELIGION2008RESOURCE ROOMWARDLE METHODIST Wood collection? Box - originally this was probably used for something else (?crystal set), lidded. Stamped marks on base.
390COLLECTION BAG  WARDLERELIGION2008RESOURCE ROOMST. JAMES CHURCH 3-handled wood & velvet collection bag. Purple velvet (worn) descends from circular area at top; edges are braided. 'In Memoriam' inscribed on circumference at top.
391CONDUCTOR'S BATON  WARDLERELIGION2008RESOURCE ROOMWARDLE METHODIST Wood conductor's baton. 20" long, tapers from top to bottom.
392CERTIFICATES  WARDLERELIGION2008RESOURCE ROOMWARDLE METHODIST 32 x unused certificates from Wardle Methodist Church used to 'grant exclusive right of burial'. Printed both sides. 10" x 14".
393COLLECTION BOX  ROCHDALERELIGION2006RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Wood collection box from former Methodist Chapel in Rochdale sited opp. present bus station. Became Christadelphian Church before demolition. Slot on top surface, side-opening drawer w. wood knobs. 17" long x 16" high x 6" deep.
394HAMMER   EMPLOYMENT2007MAIN ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Wood handled hammer (13" long) with iron head & attachment to handle.
395HAND SAW   EMPLOYMENT2007MAIN ROOM  Hand saw 16" x 3". Wood handle, metal rivets attach handle to blade. Donated by either Bernice or Peter.
396FLAGSTONE HOLDER  WARDLEENVIRONMENT2006MAIN ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Iron disc (6" dia) for holding upright flagstones in place. Large bolt in centre. Found near broken flagstones at rear of Ramsden Rd.
397KNITTING NEEDLES   DOMESTIC2007RESOURCE ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON (a) white plastic knitting needle gauge. (b) 12 double-pointed stocking/sock knitting needles aluminium. 3 x sets of 4 needles, 3 x different sizes. 'Make Betterware the Rule' 'Free Gift'.
398CROCHET HOOK   SPORTS/LEISURE2008RESOURCE ROOM  Ivory handled crochet hook (found inside No. 390), patterned handle.
399WHISTLE   TRANSPORT2008RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Railwayman's whistle 'The Acme Thunderer LMS' incised below air hole. 'Made in England' incised under lip section. Brass.
400IRON   DOMESTICJUL 2007MAIN ROOMEDWARD RIGG Hotpoint iron, electric, with cord & 3-pin plug. Chrome & plastic. Model No. & electric details underneath end plate = Cat. No. 658C1, Pat. No. 499939.
401IRON 1950s DOMESTIC2007MAIN ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Electric iron, Danish design, in cardboard box from Curry's. Cream plastic handle, black plastic, red enamel above element. No plug at end of cord. 'Curry's. Made in Denmark' & other details beneath plate at end.
402KNOTTER 1960s EMPLOYMENT2006RESOURCE ROOMRITA DUCKWORTH Winder's/weaver's knotter - modern. Worn on wrist.
403CLOTHES DRIER   DOMESTICOCT 2007WORKROOMEDWARD RIGG Wooden maiden/clothes drier, 22" x 36", 2 sections of 3 horiz. cross bars held together by webbing (white).
404DESK & DESK TOP  WARDLEEDUCATIONOCT 2007WORKROOMEDWARD RIGG (a) Former 'examination desk' from St. James' School, Wardle. Oak. Desk top supported by gate legs which fold under for storage. Inkwell hole, pencil/pen groove, brass plate for name. (b) Solid wood desk top, no legs. Kept in cellar.
405PATTERN MOULD  WARDLEEMPLOYMENT2003MAIN ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Pattern mould from Lodge Foundry, Wardle. 11" sq. Wood, painted red on inside which consists of 35 x sq. cylinder shapes with points at bottom. These are made below the 4 walls/edges at top. Rescued from bonfire.
406JAR   DOMESTICFEB 2006WORKROOM?TERRY MITCHELL Stoneware jar w. handle; 11 1/2" high. Natural colour mainly, top area glazed darker. Stamp 'Midland Pottery Co. Ltd., Melling, nr. Liverpool' on top area side. Chipped top opening. Found Stid Hey Bottoms Farm, prob. belonging to Kay family.
407JAR 1912 SPORTS/LEISUREFEB 2006WORKROOM?TERRY MITCHELL Stoneware jar w. handle & stopper. 10 1/2" high. Glazing change as No. 406. Black lettering 'Syke Inn, Rochdale, 1912'. Stopper has 'Walker & Homfrays Ltd., Salford' stamped into top. Found Stid Hey Bottoms Farm, prob. belonging to Kay family.
408WINE BOTTLE   SPORTS/LEISUREFEB 2006WORKROOM?TERRY MITCHELL Stoneware wine bottle. 11 1/2" high. Glazed from halfway up main container. Raised section on top, bordered & 'W. Roberts, Wine & Spirit Merchant, Rochdale' stamped into it. Found Stid Hey Bottoms Farm, prob. belonging to Kay family.
409TRAVEL IRON   DOMESTIC2007RESOURCE ROOMDENA & SIMON LONGDEN Pifco travel iron. Made in England. In 2 parts with cord & adaptor. Kept in beige suede (?faux suede), soft case, studs closing it. Steel base/plastic handle, black/white cord.
410CLOCK 1947 DOMESTIC2007MAIN ROOMDENA LONGDEN Mantelpiece clock. Enfield, single pendulum. No key. Wood, chrome, round dial, etc. Given to Eric & Mary Silcock as wedding present.
412LAMP   EMPLOYMENT2007RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Acetylene motorcyclist's (?) lamp intact. ?Train, ? Police.
413POP RIVETTER'S TOOL   EMPLOYMENT2006RESOURCE ROOMKEN SIMPSON Pop rivetter's tool - iron. 17" long, blue handle grips. For Ken Simpson Collection.
414MOLE   EMPLOYMENT RESOURCE ROOM  Mole for drains rod.
415GREASE BOX   EMPLOYMENT2006RESOURCE ROOMKEN SIMPSON Wooden grease box with swivel cover. 2 1/2" dia., 2" high. For Ken Simpson Collection.
416MARKER  WARDLESPORTS/LEISURE2006RESOURCE ROOMTERRY MITCHELL Marker? Found in field near former Cricket Pavilion, Wardle. Lignum vitae wood. 3" dia., 1" high. Plough marks on side. Remains of rivet/bolt through middle. Cut marks on top surface - ?3Z.
417DUBBIN TIN   WARS/MILITARY2007RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Tin of 'Dubbin Protective No. 1, 2oz. Cat. No. HA13530'. (Probably Army issue). 3" dia. tin.
418UNION JACK FLAG   EVENTS2007RESOURCE ROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Union Jack flag, cotton, on wood stick 18" long. Flag 14" x 21". Flag attached to stick with rusty drawing pins. (No special origin - in the family stores for ages)
419MEDICAL SUPPLIES   HEALTH2007RESOURCE ROOM  'Yellow Basilican Ointment' B.P.C. 1959. Tin 2 1/4" dia. Above words on lid, orange background, cream lettering. 'Thornton & Ross Ltd., Huddersfield' on side of lid & contents.
420IRON   DOMESTIC2006MAIN ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Flat iron 'A. No. 6' + spade shape embossed on top. All metal (oiled).
421IRON   DOMESTIC MAIN ROOM  'Magnet Electric Iron. Made in England'. Original (v. battered) box - Cat. No. D5825. Iron has red enamel cover, attached handle in metal & wood with thumb press.
422SHARPENING STONE   EMPLOYMENT2006MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Sharpening stone set in wood box with lid. 7 1/2" long x 3" deep x 3" high. 3 drill markings inside lid. For Ken Simpson Collection.
423JOINER'S GAUGE   EMPLOYMENT2006MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Joiner's gauge/joint marker. Wood & metal. Finely calibrated. Worn 6-sided transfer on side 'I. Sorby' & other words difficult to decipher. 'Sorby, Sheffield' & a logo imprinted into side. For Ken Simpson Collection.
424TILLEY FIRE   EMPLOYMENT2006MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Tilley pressure radiant fire with reflector. Base painted cream. 16" high in total. Reflector dia. 14". Metal - copper. (Incomplete) For Ken Simpson Collection.
425TILLEY HEATER   EMPLOYMENT2006MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Tilley heater 14" high with handle. Metal base, etc. Enamel vent at top. (Incomplete) For Ken Simpson Collection.
426TILLEY HEATER   EMPLOYMENT2006MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Tilley heater 14" high with handle. No vent. (Incomplete) For Ken Simpson Collection.
427PRIMUS HEATER   EMPLOYMENT2006MAIN ROOMKEN SIMPSON Primus heater with reflector. Overall ht. 21", reflector dia. 12". 'Primus Sweden' imprinted on valve handle. 'Tilley lamp' incised/stamped on upright mechanism bolt surface. (Incomplete) For Ken Simpson Collection.
428TILLEY LAMP   EMPLOYMENT2006RESOURCE ROOMRITA DUCKWORTH Tilley lamp, modern & complete. Gold metallic paint base. Glass protection for burner. 'United Kingdom' stamped into side of base. 'Tilley Pyrex 171 Heat Resistant Made in UK' incorporated into side of glass. Black painted top handle.
429CREAM SEPARATOR   FARMS20062006ARNOLD WADE Cream separator (butter churn) 'No. 00 Diabolo Made in Sweden' on side via projected letters. Iron. Screw holes in base for attaching to surface '00 Rev.PR Min' handle. Given by Jack Whatmough c.1998 from possibly Albert Jackson's farm.
430CREAM SEPARATOR BOWL   FARMS2006MAIN ROOMARNOLD WADE Metal bowl for attaching to No. 429. Small part missing. Given by Jack Whatmough c.1998 from possibly Albert Jackson's farm.
431CREAM SEPARATOR   FARMS2006MAIN ROOMARNOLD WADE Cream separator/butter churn 'No.1 Diabolo' Pale blue metal. Piping at side for extraction of whey. 'Made in Sweden'. All words embossed on sides. Given by Jack Whatmough c.1998 from possibly Albert Jackson's farm.
432JIG SAW   EMPLOYMENT2006MAIN ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Foot treadle jig saw in working order. Floor standing, pedal operated. (Another machine (ie buffer or sander) could be run off this. Metal. 30" high. Plates on legs for attaching to floor. From Mrs. Kershaw of Littleborough, husband milkman.
433STONE SQUARE   EMPLOYMENT2004MAIN ROOMTERRY MITCHELL Stone square with metal shape embedded in it. Prob. Made by blacksmith. Stone - 8" x 6" x 2 1/2". Metal shape - curved horseshoe shape with 3" spike pointed at 30 deg. angle away from stone. Found at Wardle Tannery.
434SEWING MACHINE   DOMESTIC2007WORKROOMLEONARD DAWSON Singer Sewing Machine - treadle, portable. In brown & beige carrying case - wood. 'Singer Manufacturing Co.' & gold patterns on machine. Model No. F261584.
435STOOL   DOMESTIC2007WORKROOMBERNICE CLIFTON Singer stool - metal base, wooden seat, adj. ht. mech. on spindle (?from sewing machine factory). 'Singer' embossed on each of 4 base parts.
436ETCHING BLOCK SEPT. 1865SMALLBRIDGERELIGIONFEB 2008MAIN ROOMREX MOORE Lithograph etching block, engraves on copper & mounted on wood . 5" x 3 3/4" x 3/4". 2 hooks inserted into top edge. On reverse - handwriting on paper 'Smallbridge Congregational Church. Opened September 7th, 1865'.
437LINEN CLOTH 1950sSMALLBRIDGERELIGIONFEB 2008MAIN ROOMUNA DEAN (NEE MOORE) Embroidered linen cloth 35" sq. Many names in different colours in handwriting. Embroidered by Dorothy Walton - fundraising activity for Smallbridge Congregational Church.
438TONGS/PINCERS   EMPLOYMENTFEB 2008MAIN ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Iron tongs/pincers, 2 handled, 14" long. (Possibly used by blacksmith)
439YARN BALANCE   EMPLOYMENT2007RESOURCE ROOMANNETTE TUCK 'Yarn Assorting Balance No.1. John Nesbit, 42 Market St., Manchester' 'Patent Universal' - gold on black faux-leather rect. Blue velvet-lined box 6 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1", cont. brass bal. & 3 sq. brass wts. - cotton, wool, linen. Used by Harry Grindrod.
440CLOTHES BRUSHES 1950s DOMESTICFEB 2008WORKROOMUNA DEAN 2 clothes brushes & mirror, wood base & handles for hanging on wall. Nylon bristles. 11" x 6" - tapered towards top.
441BRACELET   PERSONALFEB 2008RESOURCE ROOMIAN&MARGARET WATERS Name bracelet, EPNS?, chain links attached to oval piece with 'Margaret Miller, 2 Princess Ave., Wardle' engraved on main side. On reverse 'N.X.S.A. 280.3'. From Estate of …..
442WVS CIV.DEF. BADGE   CLUBS/ORGANISATIONSJAN 2008RESOURCE ROOMIAN&MARGARET WATERS 'W.V.S. Civil Defence' badge, chrome on copper, red lettering & red inset into crown at top & in surround. 'Butlers, Birmingham' engraved on reverse.
443PEGASUS BADGE   CLUBS/ORGANISATIONS RESOURCE ROOM  Enamelled on chrome, red background & blue Pegasus badge.
444TANKARD 1984SMALLBRIDGERELIGIONFEB 2008MAIN ROOM  Glass pint tankard with handle. Engraves on side 'St. John's Church, Smallbridge 1834-1984' On base modern sticker Christine Ogden, 37 Bentgate St., Newhey, Rochdale. Tel: 01706 848136.
445COINS LATE C19/EARLY C20  FEB 2008RESOURCE ROOMREX MOORE Large collection of copper coins in various denominations of value: 1/2 pences, pennies, 3-pennybits, etc. Includes 1 cloth bag & 5 coin holders.
446POSTERS 1953 EVENTSFEB 2008RESOURCE ROOMREX MOORE 1953 Coronation Poster. (a) heraldic shield with 'Elizabeth R' (top), '1953' (base). 18" x 20". Card. Found by Rex's son in shop being refurbished in Bacup in 2007.
447POSTERS 1953 EVENTSFEB 2008RESOURCE ROOMREX MOORE 3 x small Coronation posters, 12" x 9". (b) crown on Union Jack ( c) ditto (d) EIIR on Union Jack. Found by Rex's son in shop being refurbished in Bacup in 2007.
448POSTERS 1953 EVENTSFEB 2008RESOURCE ROOMREX MOORE (e) & (f) 2 x 7" x 10" Coronation Ale posters (ready for hanging). Crown in corner 'Beverley's Coronation Ale brewed & bottled by Beverley Bros. Ltd., Eagle Brewery, Wakefield'. Found by Rex's son in shop being refurbished in Bacup in 2007.
449GLASS TUMBLERS 1951 EVENTSMAR 2008KITCHENPETER WHITEHEAD 6 x glass tumblers in cardboard box bought at 1951 Exhibition in London. Box lid - 'Festive Decorated Glassware. Decorated in UK' 'A Rosco Product'. Gold bands round tumblers. Packaging printed in crowns.
450MORSE BOARD    MAR 2008RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Morse tapping board, 6 1/2" sq. Contains battery holders, tapping arm, 2 connections for 'phones'. Stamp on top. Buzzer. Ref. No. 10F:4067. A (crown) M, Serial No.
451MANGLEWURZEL CHOPPER  LITTLEBOROUGHEMPLOYMENTMAR 2008MAIN ROOMJOHN WHITEHEAD Mangle-wurzel chopper & mangle. Swedes, turnips. Wood handle 19" long with broad metal blade (13" x 5") attached by 2 metal rounded brackets. Found on beam in old barn at Summit.
452PAPER CARRIER   EMPLOYMENTAPR 2008RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Paper carrier from shopowner of 73 Ramsden Rd., Wardle 'A & I Foxall, Grocers, Caterers & Confectioners'.
453HOOVER DUSTETTE   DOMESTICSEPT 2008RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Hoover 'Dustette' with Wylex plus. 18" length. Consists of (a) black cloth bag w name printed on it. (b) metal engine cylinder. ( c) suction attachment w metal plate w model name & no. & electrical info.
454MALLET   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2008MAIN ROOMEDWARD RIGG Wood mallet 7" long x 4 1/2" diam. w iron protection rings at each end. 14" rect. shaped handle which also protrudes through mallet head.
455DECORATORS' GRAINERS   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2008RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 2 x grainers found in 9" sq. decorated metal biscuit tin, for creating wood grain effect. 'Ridgley No. 2A, 24A'.
456CYCLE REPAIR EQUIPME   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2008RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Various cycle repair equipment including tin of Fr. Chalk found in 9" sq. decorated metal biscuit tin.
457METAL DISCS   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2008RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Metal discs w various info printed on them, held by pieces of wire. ?work tallies for payment of workers at reservoir. See C. Sutton, Wardle Rd., former engineer for United Utilities for info. Found in metal tea caddy décor. w castle scenes.
458HESSIAN SACKS   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2008MAIN ROOMEDWARD RIGG (a) 24" x 40" Ray-O-Vital Complete Intensive Laying (blue print). Crossfields Liverpool. (b) 'Spillers Poultry Food. ( c) Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd. Pioneer Poultry Food Oldham. Sketch of hen in red.
459HESSIAN SACKS   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2008MAIN ROOMEDWARD RIGG (d) 'The Farmers' Society W.L.P. Winter layers Pellets, African Oil Mills, Liverpool'. (e) 'Silcocks Battery Laying Pellets'. (f) 'Extra Fine Pure Cane Sugar' 'British Refined 2cwt net'. (g) 'Crossfields Davy Foods. Rich Dairy Nuts.
460DOOR-LOCK FITTINGS   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2008RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 2 x wood & metal door-lock fittings & keys (? From chapel/school sheds). Locks 8" x 4" x 1" are contained in wood frames for attaching to doors. Keys 5" long.
461KNIFE SHARPENER   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2008RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Metal knife sharpener 5" long w wood handle. 'Patent No. 109431 ROTARY Made in England' stamped onj steel head containing 2 x hardened steel sharpening discs.
462GROOMING COMB   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2008RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Metal grooming comb, 6" wide w 1/4" long teeth, attached to 6" long wood handle by horseshoe-shaped metal bracket.
463STITCHING MARKER   EMPLOYMENTSEPT 2008RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG Metal stitching marker for leather. 6" long wood handle with metal disc & sharp cogs at end.
464DONKEY STONE   DOMESTICSEPT 2008RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGG 14 x blocks of donkey stone 1 x 'Big Ben' imprinted, 1 x 'Kitchen Maid' imprinted. 2 x large, 12 x smaller
466SHAVING MUG   DOMESTIC2008WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD White shaving mug with train transfer on side (modern).
467TEAPOT & LID   DOMESTIC2008WORKROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Small black teapot & lid - iron.
468TELEPHONE   DOMESTIC2008RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Black Bakelite telephone No. 54. (On long-term loan only)
469JELLY MOULD   DOMESTIC2008WORKROOMMARGARET THOMPSON Glass jelly mould. Donated by Margaret Thompson, 79 Buckley View (family item).
470DARNING MUSHROOM   DOMESTIC2008WORKROOMMARGARET THOMPSON Darning mushroom - wood. See previous.
471STONEWARE JAM JAR   DOMESTIC2008KITCHENMARGARET THOMPSON Stoneware jam jar 6" high, '20' imprinted on side. See previous.
472KILT BROOCH   PERSONAL2008RESOURCE ROOMMARGARET THOMPSON Child's kilt brooch, metal. See previous - Margaret's daughter's.
473YARN TESTING MACHINE   EMPLOYMENTJULY 2008RESOURCE ROOMPETER WHITEHEAD Yarn testing machine. Made by 'Griffin & George Ltd., London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow'. (On long-term loan only)
480CUTLERY   DOMESTIC2008KITCHENMARGARET THOMPSON 4 x table knives, 4 x table forks, 2 x dessert spoons, 1 x teaspoon, 1 x cake fork, 1 x cake knife, 1 x S hook or cup hook.
481HAIR CLIPPERS   DOMESTIC17.12.08RESOURCE ROOMMARGARET THOMPSON Hair clippers. 'Brown's Clipper Co., Birmingham, England'. NB At least 75 years old.
482CUP 1864SMALLBRIDGERELIGIONDEC 2008MAIN ROOMUNA DEANPOORCup showing picture of Smallbridge Congregational Church. Early crockery - probably produced when church moved from old church in Chapel Yard to new building. Writing on side states Independence Chapel - early name.
484SEWING MACHINE 1900s DOMESTICJUNE 2008WORKROOMRON BLOORVERY GOODJones, hand or treadle, metal in wood carrying box. Made at Guy Bridge, nr. Ashton/Stalybridge. Belonged to Mrs. Bloor's grandmother, wife of Fred Hoyle who was steward at Con Club, fire/boilerman at Isherwood's tannery.
485STOKING TOOLS 1960sWARDLEEMPLOYMENTJUNE 2008MAIN ROOMEDWARD RIGGGOOD4 Short boiler stoking tools - rake, clinker remover, clinker raking bars (metal, 5' long). Probably from Wardle Methodist Chapel.
486BORACIC LINT 1930/40s HEALTH20 NOV 2008RESOURCE ROOMK & M TURNERREASONABLEBoxed boracic lint, BPC gauze. Carton registered Macdonalds of M/c. Found in house of L. Kershaw, Watkin St. Mustard & lard heated & put on lint, used as poultice for bad chest.
487OIL LAMPS   DOMESTIC20 NOV 2008WORKROOMK & M TURNEREXCELLENT 2 x blue ornamental oil lamps with green base. Larger lamp found in outside toilet at Watkin St., smaller possibly bedside light.
488BUTTON HOOK LATE 1800sSMALLBRIDGEDOMESTICDEC 2008RESOURCE ROOMUNA DEANGOODSteel, belonged to Edith Holt (nee Taylor). Married at United Methodist Church in early 1900s.
489CHINA SAUCER EARLY 1900sSMALLBRIDGERELIGIONFEBRUARY 2009MAIN ROOMUNA DEANGOODPicture of St. John's Church,Smallbridge on base, inside central shows clock tower. Found in Rex Moore's shed.
490CHINA MILK JUG  SMALLBRIDGEDOMESTICDEC 2008MAIN ROOMMARGARET THOMPSONGOOD6" high. Dudson fine china on base. Old family possession. In smaller cabinet on right.
491CHINA PLATE  WARDLECLUBS/ORGANISATIONS2008  GOOD'Wardle Conservative Club, 1913' printed end. 10" circum, printed in blue. Banner on side. Gilt edgings. In main glass cabinet with other Con Club plates.
492FLOUR JAR   DOMESTICNOV 2008KITCHENMARGARET THOMPSONGOODWith lid. 'Flour' painted in black on side. 'Moira'handcrafted stoneware. Made in England' printed on base.
493CUTLERY 1950s DOMESTICDEC 2008KITCHENMARGARET THOMPSONGOODVarious cutlery pieces in box. Given when first married, lived at Jarvis St.
494CREAM HORN TINS 1950s DOMESTICDEC 2008KITCHENMARGARET THOMPSONFAIRLY GOOD6 x cream horn tins, conical shapes, tin plate. From Jarvis St.
495FISH KNIFE EARLY 1900s DOMESTIC2 DEC 2008 MARGARET THOMPSONGOODEngraved on front A1. EPNS. Belonged to great grandma's restaurant in The Butts, Rochdale.
496LADLE 1900s DOMESTIC2 DEC 2008 MARGARET THOMPSONGOOD14" long, 3" bowl. Belonged to great grandma who lived in Entwisle Rd.
497SUGAR TONGS 1900s DOMESTIC2 DEC 2008 MARGARET THOMPSONGOODBelonged to great grandma who lived in Entwisle Rd.
498COLLECTION 1897-1977WAR/SMALL/DEARNPERSONAL2006RESOURCE ROOMK. ROSBOTHAMGOODFamily photos, personal docs, WWII documents, local church progs & cards, booklets, news cuttings. Maude Davey family life in/around Wardle. List in named box in Res. Room. Indiv. Relating to local churches, assocs. transferred to collections.
499COLLECTION VARIOUSSMALL/WATER/WAROTHER AREASVARIOUSRESOURCE ROOMVARIOUSGOODDocuments relating to pubs, shops & businesses in the area. List of contents kept in labelled box in Res. Room.
500COLLECTION-PHOTOS 1930-1960sWARDLEPERSONALAPRIL 2009RESOURCE ROOMDAVID MORGANGOODBox as collection. Donated by David's daughter, now living in S. Africa. David was tenant of Edward Rigg in Chapel St. List of photos kept in box with photos.
501POSTERS 2006WARDLEPUBLIC AUTHORITIES2006RESOURCE ROOMDAVID MORRIS, RMBCEXCELLENT3 large laminated posters describing Wardle Heritage Economic Regeneration Scheme 2006. Part of display arr. By RMBC Planning/Conserv. Dept. abt develop. in Wardle Village Centre at Ann. Exhib. 2006. Link with dev. W. Conserv. Area & St. James' Church
502TOOL 1920s?ROCHDALEEMPLOYMENT20 NOVEMBER 2008RESOURCE ROOMMARJORIE/KEN TURNERGOODReaching in read hook - thin narrow piece of metal with small hook at end, fitted into ringed wood handle. No markings. Used in weaving shed for drawing warp threads through 'healds and read'.
503TIN CAN OPENER c1930sROCHDALEDOMESTIC20 NOVEMBER 2008KITCHENMARJORIE/KEN TURNERGOODMetal opener with wood handle, no markings. Found in house in Oldham Rd. when Ken redecorating it.
504PLAQUE 1940sSMALLBRIDGEWARS/MILITARY2 SEPTEMBER 2009MAIN ROOMJENNY LOWEGOODWas attached to pulpit at Smallbridge Congregational Chapel to commemorate lives lost in WW2. Wood and copper. Given as keepsake to Barrie Lowe when chapel closed in 1971.
505ROSE BOWL 1977SMALLBR/WARDLESPORTS/LEISUREJUNE 2009MAIN ROOMMARGARET THOMPSONVERY GOODSilver plated on bakelite stand. Engraved 'St. John's Smallbridge Horticultural Society. E. Moorhouse Trophy for most points in Confectionery Classes'. On side 'Best Garden 1977 - Mrs. E. Moorhouse, 4 Princess Ave.' Won by Margaret in 2005 for cakes.
506ARTICLES & PHOTOS 1868-c1945WARDLEEMPLOYMENT2008-2009RESOURCE ROOMPETER BONEGOODStarring Pipe & Brick Works. Ralph Ashworth & Co. Ltd. Give background to talk & site visit arranged for WASHG in May 2009.
507TOYS, BOXES 1955-58SMALLBRIDGELEISUREJUNE 2009WORKROOMANN BUTTERWORTHWORN2 Bayko Building set boxes; 1 building set and Converting Set x 3. From Jolly's Toy Shop, Smallbridge. Link notes on Jolly's in Pubs, Shops, Businesses box in Work Room.
508DOLL  SMALLBRIDGELEISUREAPRIL 2009MAIN ROOMIRENE TAYLORVERY GOODPlaster doll of a home spinner, on a stand. Formerly belonged to Irene Taylor.
509CD & TAPES 1990sWARDLELEISURE2006RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDENGOOD2 x tapes & 4 x CDs of music of 1940's - Charlie Kuntz, Glen Miller, Bernard Brooks. Belonged to Mrs. Silcock.
510FLAGS 1937 EVENTS1 FEBRUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMBERNICE CLIFTONFRAGILE4 silk 1937 Coronation flags for hand use; silk flag 12 x 8 on 30cm metal pin; flag represents Union Jack with heads of King George & Queen Elizabeth in centre. Stored with other 1937 Coronation items.
511BOOKLET 1937 EVENTSFEBRUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMM. RATCLIFFEEXCELLENTCoronation of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth 1937. Album for collection Player's Coronation Series of cigarette cards. Threepence. 23pp (complete). Stored with other Coronation items. Don. by Margaret Ratcliffe, 2 Gorsey Bank, Tod. Rd. 373855.
512BOOKLET 1953 EVENTSFEBRUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMM. RATCLIFFEGOODSouvenir prog. of Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. 2/6d. 40pp. Published by King George's Jubilee Trust, 18cm x 25cm. Illustrated in photos, text & maps. Stored with Coronation items. Don. by M. Ratcliffe, 2 Gorsey Bank, Tod. Rd. 373855
513BOOKLET after 1967 TRANSPORTFEBRUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMM. RATCLIFFEEXCELLENTHistory of the Motor Car compiled by using Brooke Bond Picture Cards (to fit all spaces in the book). 6d. 30cm x 11.5cm. 16pp (complete). Don. by M. Ratcliffe, 2 Gorsey Bank, Todmorden Rd. 373855.
514CAN OPENER 1930sSMALLBRIDGEDOMESTIC9 DECEMBER 2009RESOURCE ROOMM. THOMPSONGOODMade of wood and steel. In household equipment box.
515TOOL 1920sSMALLBRIDGEEMPLOYMENT9 DECEMBER 2009RESOURCE ROOMM. THOMPSONGOODWood handled reed hook with metal hook, 7" long. Used to pull threads through on loom. Stored in box 'Industrial items and small tools'.
516CENTENARY BROCHURE 1972SMALLBRIDGERELIGION14 SEPT. 2009MAIN ROOMWARDLE VILL. CHURCHEXCELLENTCD of Smallbridge Methodist Church Centenary Brochure 1872-1972 & copy of brochure. Stored with other Smallbridge churches items.
517GOV. FORM 1936BELFIELDPUBLIC AUTHORITIES12 SEPT. 2009RESOURCE ROOMDOT BURROUGHSFRAGILEApplication form for Unemployment Assistance 1934 for H.B. Holland, CP No. 3582 (faint pencilled information). Found in bottom of bedding box - note added 'bring rent book'. In Miscellaneous. Donated by Peter Whitehead's sister.
518BOOKLET 1914-1918 WARS/MILITARY12 SEPT. 2009RESOURCE ROOMDOT BURROUGHSFRAGILE'The Soldiers' and Sailors' Armour in War & Peace', Active Service Edition 1914-15. Small soft-back booklet. Signed on rear page by John Young. WWI collection.
519SHIELD 1991WARDLESPORTS/LEISURE20 JANUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDENEXCELLENTWooden shield 12" x 18" approx. 19 brass shapes surround a brass-leaved horseshoe-shaped & medallion with 3 runners on small name plate. Awards for Sports Team of the Year. From St. James CE School, no longer used in school.
520RAM'S HEAD  WARDLE 10 FEBRUARY 2010MAIN ROOMDENA LONGDENEXCELLENTSteel head on wood plaque, 6" x 4" approx. From St. James' CE School and stored with other items from school.
521PLAQUE 1986/87WARDLEEDUCATION10 FEBRUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMDENA LONGDENEXCELLENTSteel plate on wooden plaque, 9" x 14" approx. 'The School Libraries are named in memory of W.S. Edwards, MBE, JP, DL. He was Chairman of the School Governors for many years until his death in 1986, etc." Stored with other St. James' School items.
522RECIPE BOOK 1920-1930SMALLBRIDGEDOMESTIC10 FEBRUARY 2010 BARBARA STOTTFRAGILEBlack cover, hand written, 6" x 4" approx.
523LAMPSHADES  WARDLECLUBS/ORGANISATIONS10 FEBRUARY 2010 EDWARD RIGGFRAGILE3 opaque glass shades, perhaps from Wardle Methodist Sunday School, 7" dia., 4" high. Stored with other Methodist Church items.
524BOOKLET 1960WARDLEDOMESTIC3 FEBRUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMMAEVE FAGANEXCELLENTThe Wardle Industrial Cooperative Society Ltd. 1860-1960. A short history compiled by Pres., J. Plater, No. 205, 14cm x 21cm. 7pp. Photo of 1960 Centenary Board incl. Uncle, Walter Kershaw, died. 2009. With Wardle Coop Society items.
525WEDDING INVITE 21 NOVEMBER 1931SMALLBRIDGEPERSONALFEBRUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMMAEVE FAGANEXCELLENTInvitation and newspaper report of wedding of Gladys Holt to Simeon Hawkwood at St. John's, Smallbridge. Parents of Maeve. In Family Collections.
526BAPTISM CERTIFICATE 9 JANUARY 1910SMALLBRIDGEPERSONALFEBRUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMMAEVE FAGANGOODFor Gladys Holt at St. John's, Smallbridge. Handwritten details on an illuminated card with inscription. 4" x 6" approx. In Family Collection.
527IDENTITY CARDS 1943WARDLEPERSONALFEBRUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMMAEVE FAGANGOODNational Registration Identity Cards, 3" x 5" folded. FX192858 & FX 192859, stamped 21 May 1943 for Gladys & Simeon Hawkwood, 1 Elm Grove, Wardle, Maeve's parents. Stored with Family Items.
528FUNERAL CARDS 1901 & 1911WARDLEPERSONALFEBRUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMMAEVE FAGANGOODBlack-bordered, 4 1/2" x 3", for William Hawkwood, 7 Wardle Fold (24.3.1901) & Martha Hawkwood, Daisy Bank (3.4.11), buried at Wardle Weslyan Chapel. Maeve's great grandparents. Stored with Family Items.
529LETTER 20 JANUARY 1965WARDLEEDUCATIONFEBRUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMMAEVE FAGANEXCELLENTTyped letter from Lancs. Educ. Comm. to Mr. S. Hawkwood, 144 Ramsden Rd. thanking him for keeping St. James' School so clean (caretaker). Became caretaker after he retired from keeping a shop and moved to Wardle. Stored in Family collection.
530HANDBOOK WORLD WAR IIWARDLEWARS/MILITARYFEBRUARY 2010RESOURCE ROOMMAEVE FAGANGOODInstruction manual for Thompson Submachine Gun from Simeon Hawkwood, member of Home Guard in Wardle who did firewatching at Watergrove. Didn't possess gun but issued with manual. Stored in Family collection.
531CHINA CUP  SMALLBRIDGERELIGION4 MARCH 2010MAIN ROOMUNA DEANPOORSmall, blue/mauve designs of Smallbridge Congregational Chapel on one side & circular motif with words 'Independent Chapels & Schools' around outside, 'Smallbridge' across centre.
532BREAD BIN 1940sWARDLEDOMESTIC10 FEBRUARY 2010WORKROOMHEATHER HOLTGOODCream with BREAD printed in blue and cream lid, 11" x 7" x 12". Stored in kitchen cabinet.
533BOOKLET 1960WARDLECLUBS/ORGANISATIONS14 OCTOBER 2009RESOURCE ROOMBERTHA HAWKYARDGOODA Short History of the Wardle Industrial Cooperative Society Ltd. 1860-1960 by Mr. J. Plater, President. Published by Frank Barnes, 358 Halifax Rd., Smallbridge. Stored with other information on Wardle Coop.
534SHAVING BRUSH 1950s?WARDLEPERSONAL RESOURCE ROOM EXCELLENT'Culmark' junior shaving brush in packet, 3" long. Bristle & hair with plastic/bakelite base. (Patent No. & product info on base.) Made Woodridge, England. Stored in personal care items box.
535BIBLE LATE 19CSMALLBRIDGERELIGION2009MAIN ROOMUNA DEANEXCELLENTPresentation bible, 4" x 6", given to Edith Alice Taylor, Dec. 1894, for regular Sunday School attendance. Edith m. Jackson Holt at United Meth. Chapel in early 1900s. Later kept Syke Inn. Una great niece of Edith. Stored with Smallbridge Churches
537TOOL  WARDLEEMPLOYMENTMARCH 2010MAIN ROOMEDWARD RIGGPOORWooden tool, blade rusted. Spokeshave - 16" long.
538COLLECTION  WARDLEEDUCATIONAPRIL 2010RESOURCE ROOMST. JAMES' SCHOOLGOODPhotographs, teachers' resources, articles, awards, books, artefacts relating to school. Wide coverage of years. A typed list of contents is kept with the collection in one of the boxes.
539CHURCH BOOKS 1960s & 1970sWARDLERELIGIONAPRIL 2010RESOURCE ROOM EXCELLENTPulpit Notices books from Wardle Methodist Church dated a) 24.9.61-31.10.65 b) 7.11.65-Jan. 70 c) 15.2.70-24.3.74. Stored with other Methodist Church items.
540BOOK 1934-1962WARDLERELIGIONAPRIL 2010RESOURCE ROOMWARDLE METH. CHURCHVERY GOODWardle Methodist Church 'Day Book', Dec. 1934-Dec. 1962 plus loose receipts, financial jottings, letters found in the book. Stored with other Methodist Church items.
541CD  WARDLERELIGIONAPRIL 2010RESOURCE ROOMWARDLE VILL. CHURCHEXCELLENTRecording of visit of Bishop Nigel of Manchester to Wardle Village Church, incl. visit to Mr. Rigg (oldest resident), school choir, Watergrove
542TITLE DEEDS 1876-1987SMALLBRIDGEDOMESTICAPRIL 2010MAIN ROOM GOOD-POORAbout 17 legal original documents relating to 584-590 Halifax Rd. and 2-8 Frances St., Smallbridge. Stored with Smallbridge items.
543FAMILY PAPERS 1903-2010SMALLBRIDGEPERSONAL25 APRIL 2010RESOURCE ROOMJUDITH CRABTREEGOODPhotographs, family tree and notes relating to Abraham Thompson of Cliffe House, Wardle Rd., Smallbridge. One photo dated c1903. Stored with other family papers. Donated by Judith Crabtree, 8/9 Centre Vale, Todmorden Rd., Littleborough.
544HOUSE SIGN APRIL 2008 remadeSMALLBRIDGEDOMESTIC5 MAY 2010MAIN ROOMEDWARD RIGGEXCELLENTWooden sign (6" x 9") with metal letters for Windy Nook attached, 143 Wardle Rd. which was the manse for the United Methodist Church, Smallbridge. When joined with Smallbridge Weslyan in 1960 became manse for both. Sold late 1970s.
545BIRTH CERTIFICATE 3 JAN 1918WARDLEPERSONALAPRIL 2010RESOURCE ROOMMAEVE FAGANFRAGILEOriginal birth certificate of Gladys Holt (b. 3.11.09) after a request for this by Army to determine a request for a war pension after John Edmond Holt (father of Gladys) was killed in action in Nov. 1917. Family collection of Hawkwood family, Wardle.
546MAGAZINE JAN 1876-DEC 1877WARDLERELIGIONMAY 2010RESOURCE ROOM FRAGILEThe magazines contain stories, poems, sermons, as well as local parish notices (births, deaths, marriages) on inside front and rear covers. Various handwritten notes inside front cover. Stored with St. James' Church collection.
547GROUP'S ARCHIVE late 1970s-early 1980sWARDLECLUBS/ORGANISATIONSAPRIL 2010RESOURCE ROOM GOODWardle & District Historical Society (formed late 1970s & closed c1990). Correspondence, lists, leaflets. Transferred to Wardle Library & Wardle Society at close. Now part of original collection of items for WSHG after independence from W. Society.
548CHURCH PLATE VICTORIANWARDLERELIGION2 JUNE 2010MAIN ROOMHILDA WALKEREXCELLENT10" dia. Dinner plate, white with 3 blue lines around perimeter; black/grey etching of St. James' Church, Wardle in centre with 3 figures on front left. Maker's name Windsor China, C.W.S. Hilda sang in St. James' Choir when young.
549CHINA JUG  SMALLBRIDGERELIGIONJUNE 2010MAIN ROOM GOODWhite china milk jug 4" high with faded blue line at base. Inscribed in black 'St. John's Church, Smallbridge 1866'
550CHINA SAUCER  SMALLBRIDGERELIGIONJUNE 2010MAIN ROOM GOODWhite china with gold edging around circumference Congregational Sunday School, Smallbridge in blue letters. No markings underneath.
551PLATE LARGE c19SMALLBRIDGERELIGIONJULY 2005MAIN ROOMMARJORIE TURNERGOODWhite china 10" dia., fluted edge, gold edging. Inscription stamp Methodist Free Church Sunday School, Smallbridge.
552SIDE PLATE SMALL c19SMALLBRIDGERELIGIONJUNE 2010MAIN ROOM GOODWhite china 7" dia., gold edging. Stamped inscription Methodist Free Church Sunday School, Smallbridge.
553PLATE LARGE c19SMALLBRIDGERELIGIONJUNE 2010MAIN ROOMBARBARA STOTTGOODWhite china 10" dia., fluted edge, gold edging. Stamped inscription Methodist Free Church Sunday School, Smallbridge.
554SIDE PLATE SMALL c19SMALLBRIDGERELIGIONJUNE 2010MAIN ROOMBARBARA STOTTGOODWhite china, gold edging. Stamped inscription Methodist Free Church Sunday School, Smallbridge. Stanley China England and gold cross. Slight hairline crack.
555SIDE PLATE SMALL c19SMALLBRIDGERELIGIONJUNE 2010MAIN ROOM GOODWhite china 7" dia., gold edging. Stamped Methodist Free Church Sunday School, Smallbridge. No marks underneath.
556SCHOOL REGISTER 1930-1960WARDLEEDUCATION13 JULY 2010 ANN STOTT, JPFRAGILEBook of pupils who attended Wardle Secondary Modern & Wardle Central. Found in papers belonging to Alderman Rodney Stott, deceased, a former pupil. Also contains newspaper & original photo of class of 54.
557HAND BELL VICTORIANSMALLBRIDGEEDUCATION8 SEPTEMBER 2010 UNA DEANGOODWooden handle and brass bell. Used at Halifax Road Primary School and then Smallbridge Primary School, then St. John's Primary School by donor.
558ROBE 1950sWARDLEEVENTSAPRIL 2011 ANNETTE TUCKGOODWorn at Rose Queen ceremonies by retiring queen. Photo of dress being worn in 1967 included with robe. Stored with Wardle Methodist Church artefacts.
559BOOK 1970sWARDLE/SMALLBR.OTHER AREASAPRIL 2011 ANNETTE TUCKGOODLarge lined exercise book, 10" x 16", white cloth bound, containing facts about W & S. The Workhouse Rochdale Union, Dearnley Workhouse, Wardle Wesleyan Chapel 1809-1909. Local refs. found in Annals of Rochdale 1899, elections & councillors.
560LABEL early-mid c20WARDLEDOMESTIC8 SEPTEMBER 2010 EDWARD RIGGGOODFirm plastice/bakelite mattress label 'Marklews Superfine Rustless Spring Mattress' attached to a block of wood. Stored with household items.
561BOOK 1940s/1950sWHITWORTHPERSONALAPRIL 2011 JANET BRACEGIRDLEEXCELLENTA4, privately printed personal recollections in plastic spiral binder. Refer to Whitworth but recollections similar to Wardle area.
562COLLECTION 1989-2007WARDLECLUBS/ORGANISATIONSAPRIL 2011KITCHENWARDLE SOCIETYEXCELLENTCollection of Wardle Society documents, minutes 1989-2007, correspondence, constitution. Watergrove = Wardle Commemorative Wood details. The Tree Book lists all names and positions of trees in the Wood.
563DOCUMENT 1984WARDLEEMPLOYMENTAPRIL 2011 EDWARD RIGGEXCELLENTInvoice and receipt from Frank Horrocks, Ramsden Rd. for decorating a property for Mrs. Rigg. Filed with local businesses.
564CENSUS RETURNS 1851-1901WARDLE/SMALL.PUBLIC AUTHORITIESAPRIL 2011 DENA LONGDENGOODPhotocopied pages from census returns for Wardle and Smallbridge between 1851 and 1901, showing names of local residents linked to schools, police, churches, beerselling. Selection of returns.
565BOOK  WARDLERELIGIONAPRIL 2011 TOM SOUTHERTONGOODSmall handwritten music score (?for tenor voice) for various church ceremonies, some named (eg General Confession), black cloth-bound, with gold T on front. Found by donor in St. James' churchyard when it was empty 1990s. Stored church artefacts.
566BOOK  WARDLERELIGIONAPRIL 2011 TOM SOUTHERTONFRAGILERectangular cloth-bound music score for organ, possibly of works by C.H. Rink. Vol. contains 3 x sets of preludes. Inside front cover 'John Howarth, Wesley St., Smallbridge' written in pencil. Stored with church artefacts/books.
567BOOK 1924WARDLEEVENTSAPRIL 2011  EXCELLENT2 copies of 'Weslyan Chapel, Wardle' Souvenir of the Jubilee Celebration, 5-6 April 1924. Contain photo of 2 chapels, summary of history 1974-1924, list of circuit ministers since 1870, & the Celebration Services & participants. Stored with chapel docs.
568BOOK 1906ROCHDALEEVENTS8 SEPT. 2010 DENA LONGDENFRAGILESouvenir, Municipal Jubilee, Rochdale 1856-1906. Publ. Edwards & Bryning Ltd., Aug. 1906. From belongings of Nora Crowther, deceased, former resident at Willie Edwards Fold, Wardle. Stored with Rochdale items.
569BOOK 1880sSMALLBRIDGEEMPLOYMENTAPRIL 2011  FRAGILEA4 size Minute/Committee Book of Smallbridge Conservative Industrial Cooperative Society, 13 June 1872-4 July 1894. Bound in black buckram. Handwritten entries on lined paper. Stored with Smallb. CICS artefacts. With Bernice for Coop Exhib.
570BOOK 1924-28WARDLECLUBS/ORGANISATIONSAPRIL 2011 MARGARET CLARKFRAGILEMinute Book of 'The Royton Div. Conservative & Unionist Women's Assoc. Wardle District', 2 Jan. 1924 to early 1928. Given to donor by Billy Gregson, member of Wardle Cons. Club. Notes of meetings, expend., members. Stored with Cons. Club.
571INVITATION 23 MAY 1963WARDLEEVENTSJULY 2010RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGGGOODInvitation letter & card to Mr. & Mrs. R Rigg to attend Wardle Methodist Church Christian Stewardship's Campaign Dinner at Fire Station Hall, Rochdale. With original stamped env. Stored with Wardle Methodist Church archives.
572MEMBERSHIP CARD  WARDLECLUBS/ORGANISATIONSJULY 2010RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGGGOODTrades Union membership card. Small, red, single fold Amalgamated Beamers, Twisters & Drawers Assoc. (Hand and Machine) Littleborough Branch for Mr. R. Rigg, 4 entries.
573MAP post 1974WARDLE/SMALL.PUBLIC AUTHORITIESAPRIL 2011 DAVINA CLIFTGOODWardle Road Improvement, County Borough of Rochdale. Stored with Smallbridge Collection as info on maps could indicate areas/houses for demolition.
574MAP post 1974WARDLE/SMALL.PUBLIC AUTHORITIESAPRIL 2011 DAVINA CLIFTGOOD2 x maps covering sites of Low Hill Mill, Smallbridge. Stamp on doc. refers to Borough Surveyor. Stored Mills box or Smallbridge items.
575BOOK/INVITATION 29 OCT 1968WARDLEHEALTHAPRIL 2011 DAVINA CLIFTEXCELLENTProgramme for the opening of the Bateman Centre for Post-Graduate Medical Studies, Birch Hill Hospital. Invite to Cllr. & Mrs. E. Collins. Printed by Rochdale & District Hospital Management Committee. Stored with Birch Hill items.
576LETTERHEADS 1964-1975WARDLE/S/L/REMPLOYMENTAPRIL 2011 DAVINA CLIFTEXCELLENT8 letterheads from official correspondence from various local firms eg: Mabryn Rubber Co. Dyehouse Lane; Andlea Ltd., Buckley Lane; Clover Croft, Croft Mill.
577MUSIC SCORES  WARDLERELIGIONAPRIL 2011 EDWARD RIGGGOOD2 x scores for soloists for Beethoven's Hallelujah Chorus, covers pp13-20, stamped by 'J. Hurst, 189 Yorkshire St., Rochdale', handwritten at top 'St. James' Church, Wardle. Store with St. James' artefacts.
578HOUSE CONTENTS 1970WARDLEDOMESTICJULY 2010RESOURCE ROOMANNETTE TUCKGOOD8 page typed list of house contents and building details to be sold by auction 25 Nov. 1970 'Lauriston', Law Flat, Wardle - photocopy. Original list with Rochdale Museum Service.
579DRIVING LICENCE 1939-1947WARDLETRANSPORTJULY 2010RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGGGOODSmall red card folder for Thomas Rayner Rigg, 89 Ramsden Rd., Wardle.
580BOOKS  WARDLEDOMESTICJULY 2010RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGGGOOD2 x National Savings Certificate Books. Blue 3rd issue; Green 4th issue for Mr. T.R. Rigg, 89 Ramsden Rd., Wardle.
581RATION BOOK 1950-1951WARDLEDOMESTICJULY 2010RESOURCE ROOMEDWARD RIGGGOOD/POORMinistry of Food Ration Book for Mr. T.R. Rigg, 3 Henry St., Wardle, No. NXSD/4/1. Mr. Rigg bought items from C. Dearden and Foxall, 73 Ramsden Rd.7